RB Blown Away By Visit

Emmanuel Moody had things narrowed down to USC and Miami and heading into this weekend, he thought he had a pretty good idea of what he was going to do.

"I absolutely loved it at USC on my visit," Moody said. "Whenever I came back and just going through the process I was thinking how tough it would be to change my mind on that. But this Miami visit, oh man, it changed things. It really opened up my eyes to a lot of new things. It was amazing. Now it's time to sit down and weigh the pros and cons and hammer out a decision."

Emmanuel Moody, 5-foot-11 and 198 pounds, spoke more about why he was very impressed with his visit to Miami.

"The competition they have there is the biggest thing," he said. "They got guys everywhere just competing. You can't let up for a single day. They get the most out of you. There are a lot of good backs there now and playing in that type of environment, you reach your potential that way. Every guy on that field wants a shot at the next level and they practice like it. I love competition. My character is that no other RB is better than me. At Miami, they all have that attitude."

The talented running back was impressed with the way Coach Soldinger handles the situation with all the talented backs on the roster.

"He said that it's up to me if I'm ready to go in there and compete," he said. "I know I'll be ready if that's where I go. You push yourself that hard and that long and it's no wonder so many guys go on to play at the next level." Moody had a chance to watch UM practice in preparation for their Peach Bowl game against LSU.

"I was really surprised at how they go all out," he said. "They're always going hard. They practice like they don't know each other, like they're strangers."

Another part of the visit that impressed Moody was the time he spent with some of the current players.

"My host was Kyle Wright and I had a chance to spend a lot of time with him and Jon Beason," he said. "It was really good getting to talk to those guys because they know what it's like being there."

Moody spoke more about the visit in general.

"We did everything," he said. "We were checking out the beach, checking out downtown. We had a lot of free time since they didnt have a game. We ate a lot. I got the chance to meet all the coaches and spend time with them. Coach Coker is probably the most down to earth coach I know. He's a great man. The players love him and play hard for him. Plus, he's real easy to talk to."

Having been on just two visits, Moody is able to compare two major cities that are 3,000+ miles apart.

"Miami is a little more crazier than LA," he said. "There's a lot more going on in Miami. The thing that kinda surprised me was how it's not always just football, practice, football there. After a long day of practice or whatever you can head over to South Beach and enjoy yourself. It's not always straight football. I would like that luxury a lot."

It's decision time for the talented running back. So how does UM stack up to USC?

"It's really hard to compare," he said. "It's like picking hairs. They're two great programs and I just need to spend more time thinking about it to see what my heart is telling me. I can't go wrong, I feel. To be in this situation, it's been a major blessing in my life."

Moody, a full academic qualifier, will announce his decision between UM and USC later this week on ESPN. He's unsure of the exact day and time.

"It's between those two and it'll be sometime this week," he said. "They're calling me tomorrow to set everything up."

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