Q&A with Coach C.J.

There is a lot of buzz around the wide receivers at the University of Miami. Wide receivers coach Curtis Johnson took time to discuss various issues including guys leaving early, transferring, and recruiting.

Do you talk to kids about leaving early for the NFL?

"I leave it up to the kids and to their families. I have never convinced guys to come back or go out early. Andre (Johnson) came to my office a couple of years ago and told me his situation, then I said to him 'If I was you, I would leave'. What I told Ryan Moore was, 'If I were you, I would stay' because I think he can have a much better season."

How much of an influence do you think you have with these guys like Ryan who are thinking about leaving early?

"You never know how much influence you have on anyone really. I don't know that, I just try to steer them the best I can with some of my experiences over the years coaching. I never tell them what to do, I just tell them what has happened to certain players."

How do you respond to kids saying they haven't received much of a chance of catching passes at receiver?

"Every receiver I have ever been around ever since I was coaching at the University of Idaho when I coached Eric Yarborough who won a Super Bowl ring with the Washington Redskins never felt he caught enough balls, never thought he got the chance. I remember when Reggie Wayne and Santana Moss walked off the field their last games saying 'C.J. you got to get me the ball more'. If you are a receiver and you felt you have gotten enough balls, you probably shouldn't be playing receiver. When I played I don't think I got enough balls."

Do you think Ryan has gotten enough balls this year?

"I don't evaluate like that. There was some plays when he was open and he made some plays, then there were some plays he didn't make. I don't have an opinion on how many or how much he should get, but there are definitely some things he can improve on and I think he could improve himself here next season."

Did you try to keep Akieem Jolla here?

"I think this. If a guy wanted to be here, they would be here. I believe he should be here, but I am not going to beg. I have never begged a guy to stay. I think he was starting to get pretty good. For a guy so close to graduation, that is why I would like to see him stay. It is a foolish move on his part."

With Jolla leaving, how does that affect your depth for next year?

"Anytime you lose a guy it always affects your depth. Sometimes kids want to move on. If you want to move on, move on."

Your leading receiver Sinorice Moss had the fewest catches per game for a leading receiver at UM in over 10 years, what are your thoughts on the reason behind that?

"Some guys are a little bit new doing it. Some guys dropped some balls. Sometimes we just didn't connect. Really, I don't attribute it to anything. I just think we have to get better. We have some guys who haven't played very much football and we need to improve on that."

How many receivers are you looking to sign?

"We would like to have a total of 10 receivers, but it generally doesn't work like that. We will probably get three. Whoever comes in should play, I mean really."

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