Moore Talks About His Future at UM

Junior wide receiver Ryan Moore is contemplating leaving early to declare for the NFL Draft.

"I have looked into it, but as far as leaving, it is a no," Moore said.

For clarification of his intentions, Moore responded,

"I know that I am not leaving. I am going to stay. I am going to probably re-evaluate again after the bowl game, but as of now I am not going anywhere."

Moore was asked if he had a round or favorable feedback in his re-evaluation that he would be pleased with to cause him to leave early.

"I just what would be the best thing for me to do. I haven't had time or want to deal with it right now. We still have a bowl game to play to play and I will have a lot more time after the bowl game to try to re-evaluate the situation. Underclassmen can get evaluated by a draft committee to show their approximate draft status. The committee is comprised of eight teams that do the evaluations.

"I have not done it yet, but I do plan to."

Last week wide receivers coach Curtis Johnson felt Ryan should come back to UM.

"I respect C.J. a lot," Moore said. "He knows a lot of guys. He pretty much told me if it was him, he would come back. But if I decided to go, he would be behind me. People like him who have a lot of wisdom, I do listen to."

When the team returned from their break last week, Moore began to have tightness in his hamstring. The hamstring has limited his reps in practice.

"I am concerned a little bit, but it is not a big deal right now. I am going to keep working on it. It was just a little bit tight."

Regardless if Moore leaves or not he has one goal for the Peach Bowl.

"Just that we win. I just want to end on a good note. I'll be on a good note if we end on a good note."

Ryan Moore is a 6-foot-3, 215-pound receiver from Orlando, Fla. who has 28 catches for 464 yards and four touchdowns. He evaluated his performance this season.

"I am not happy with how the season went because I wanted to play in a national championship. As far as myself, I feel I made the most of my opportunities every game and that is pretty much all I can do."

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