Roger McIntosh Q&A

Senior linebacker Roger McIntosh talks about the Peach Bowl, his senior season, and the NFL. McIntosh has 96 tackles this season and 273 in his career.

What has your senior season been like?

"It has been tremendous. I am very blessed to have been healthy this season and help my tammates be successful for the most part. I just wanted to build on what I did last year and have a better game than the game before."

How would you compare your personal performance this year compared to last?

"It is definitely more exciting. Last year I was just watching and helping out, but I couldn't play. This year I will get to go out there and play."

What was the key for you this season?

"It was about staying healthy. I wasn't expecting to be hurt last year at the end. If I wasn't I probably would have went out. I just wanted to come back and play a full schedule of games."

Why did you feel you would have went out early?

"I had the extra year. I had been around long enough and I had seen a lot of things. I felt I was in a position to be able to go on. But when I got hurt I kind of regressed, but now I am progressing which is much better."

What are your thoughts on players leaving early, is it better to come back?

"It is all on the individual and confidence level. It is a just a matter of getting things done each and every year. If you feel like you made it against the level of competition and you want to take the next step, then you should go ahead and do that."

What do you feel you do well on the field?

"Being able to recognized tendencies and when the ball is snapped I am right there making a play."

How exciting is it to face a top-tier opponent in LSU, a team that you are not familiar with?

"It is definitely a door we have not opened in the past. It is going to be exciting and a great game. They have some great guys so it will be a challenge for us as a defense to try and stop those guys."

Will it be hard to find motivation for this game?

"The team was definitely disappointed we weren't in the ACC championship game. But we had to turn it into a positive and we are playing another top-tier team in the bowl."

What are your thoughts on playing well in your final game and ending on a good note?

"I plan on going to the next level and just want to play well against a good team."

Do you expect LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell to play in the bowl game?

"Yeah I do. It is just one more game and he has all off-season to recooperate. I've been watching film on him to get a bit of an edge on him and he is a great guy."

What are your thoughts on Russell as a player?

"He has great vision. I have watched a lot of SEC games and he is tough out there. He does good running and hitting guys. We just need to shut down the running game and get them into 3rd-and-long."

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