Decision Coming Soon For Lewis

Butch Lewis has now taken all five of his recruiting visits. While he's been tough to catch up with in recent weeks, we had a chance to talk to his mother about the latest.

"Butch has been very busy lately," his mother said. "He's finished with his visits and he's playing a lot of basketball. When he's been home the last couple weeks we've had coaches over at the house and we don't answer the phone during that time."

Butch Lewis and his mother are glad the quiet period has kicked in. She talked about it.

"We've had coaches from all five of the schools left on his list come through," she said. "Pete Carroll was the last one. Now they're on a break because of the holidays and it's giving Butch a break."

His mother accompanied Lewis on all five of his trips. She talked more about the visit they made to Miami earlier this month.

"It was really a nice visit for us," she said. "He loved the atmosphere there. It was the first time we had been to that part of Florida. The school was in a very nice area. We met with all the coaches and dined with them. Butch loves Coach Cristobal and he loves Larry Coker. He went out with some of the players and said he really enjoyed being around them."

Lewis, 6-foot-5 and 280 pounds, has taken visits to all five of his finalists -- Miami, USC, LSU, Georgia, and Notre Dame.

"They're all even he says," she said. "He's enjoyed the process and is still trying to make a final decision. He was going to announce at the All-American Game (Jan 7) but we have to find out if he's definitely playing or not. If he's not, it'll probably happen real soon."

Lewis, a full academic qualifier, finished the season with 65 tackles and seven sacks.

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