Josh Holmes Breaks Things Down

Josh Holmes made a summer commitment to the University of Miami and had the chance to check out the school and the area for the first time last weekend.

"The visit went great," Holmes said. "I had a chance to go out there and meet with the coaches and spend time with everyone. It's like one big family atmosphere. I was with Kyle Wright, Jon Beason, and Greg Olsen a lot. To be around players of that caliber was nice and sometimes you wonder how great players like that interact and I got a chance to see firsthand how close those guys are. That was really good to see."

Josh Holmes, who checked in at 6-foot-1 and 267 pounds on the visit, spoke about his favorite part of the trip.

"The favorite part for me was probably getting a chance to watch the team work out and go through practices," he said. "Anyone can sit there and watch them on TV during games but I had a chance to see what it's like behind the scenes. I really enjoyed the tempo in which they prepare with. It's amazing. They're so fast and so rapid with everything. Little time is wasted and they get down to business. The most impressive part was how hard they work but yet the whole time they're having fun. They're always laughing, cracking jokes on each other and stuff like that. It's definitely an environment I'd want to be a part of."

The talented defensive tackle had a chance to spend time in the film room with UM coach Randy Shannon.

"It was me and Gerald McCoy in there together," he said. "Us and Coach Shannon sat down and he went over how they break down teams on film, how their defensive line plays. We went over a couple blitz packages. He was showing us how on double teams the linebackers come down and make plays. He was showing us how they free up the d-tackles to make plays. It was a good meeting."

While Holmes was firm in his commitment to UM all along and seemed to know everything he needed to know about the program, he did see one thing that surprised him.

"Just the whole family atmosphere that exists there," he said. "When you go there and get a chance to hang around the players and coaches, it's like one really big family. I'm not sure how much that happens at other places but a lot of guys talked about that and I think that's a big reason why they get so many guys to come there. I loved it."

Holmes, a full academic qualifier, is finished with the recruiting process. He's firmly committed to Miami and makes people aware of that.

"I already knew that's the program I wanted to be with," he said. "But just to go out there and experience it first hand was great. I left with no questions. I'm really happy to be a part of their family now."

The talented senior had a chance to spend time with several other recruits during the visit. He spoke about some of them.

"A lot of those guys seemed very interested," he said. "Chavez Grant wants to go there. I really think Emmanuel Moody, the running back, is going to pick Miami. Gerald McCoy was telling me what he liked but I dont think he's made a decision yet. He was talking a lot about LSU. I think Miami will definitely get some of those guys who were on the visit."

Holmes saw his senior season come to an end last Tuesday as his team lost in the state championship game.

"It was a rough ending but to go 12-0 and make it to that point is a strong season," he said. "We worked very hard to get to that point but you cant turn the ball over five times and be in position to win a big game like that. It was a good season though and there are a lot of things we can take from it."

Now that football season's over, Holmes is starting to prepare for life as a Hurricane.

"I'm still working out a lot and playing basketball," he said. "I'm going to keep lifting and working out. That'll be my routine until basketball season's over and then I'll start real heavy into lifting and working out and getting ready to leave for Miami."

Holmes has a message for Canes fans.

"Everyone needs to realize what a great place it is there," he said. "The coaches make it really special. It's like one big family there. There are great players everywhere but it's more than that. The future looks really bright and I'm very excited to be joining such an awesome family."

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