D-Lineman Excited About UM's Future

Chaz Washington made a commitment to the University of Miami in late October and the talented defensive tackle provided an update on the latest.

High School Coach Talks About Chaz Washington

"The season went well," Washington said. "We made it to the championship game but West Monroe outplayed us. We had a successful year but couldn't finish it off. There's always next year for the underclassmen with lil Reed leading the way."

Chaz Washington, 6-foot-3 and 300 pounds, has been hitting the weights ever since the season ended.

"I'm lifting a lot of weights trying to get stronger," he said. "I'm going to do track during the spring but my main focus is getting prepared for college."

The talented defensive lineman, who is a full academic qualifier, is scheduled to visit Miami on January 27th.

"I'm still 100-percent committed," he said. "Tennessee tried to squeeze in but I've been telling them and everyone else that I'm going to Miami. I tell all the coaches that they're not gonna be able to change my mind on that."

UM coach Curtis Johnson has been recruiting Washington and the two have developed a strong relationship.

"Coach Curtis Johnson has been coming here quite often," he said. "Plus, he's been calling a lot. I'm just getting the info I need to know. He's a great coach and a really good person to talk to. He cares about things beyond football and that's very important to me."

The talented senior plans on taking a trip to Atlanta next week for the game between Miami and LSU.

"I believe I'm gonna make it there with a couple other guys," he said. "It'll be me, Jai (Eugene), and lil (Edwin) Reed. We'll be there to support our team."

Speaking of Eugene, Washington spoke about his talented teammate and the chances of him coming to Miami.

"He's been giving it a lot of thought," he said. "He's always been real interested in Miami and he's asked me some things. They've been recruiting him hard and he understands how much they want him to play cornerback there. He sees a good opportunity. I believe in the end he'll pick Miami."

Washington is excited about becoming a Hurricane. He spoke about the opportunity to play early.

"They're losing Orien Harris and Coach CJ was telling me about (Baraka Atkins) maybe leaving early," he said. "They want us ready as soon as possible. Coach Shannon wants me and Josh Holmes to come in ready to play. They don't recruit kids they don't feel can help them right away. We just have to prepare ourselves as if we'll be counted upon next year. I have no problem redshirting but I understand that we'll be given the opportunity to compete."

The talented defender is finished with his visits aside from his trip to UM in late January.

"It's over," he said. "I'm coming to Miami. I feel like we're gonna have a great recruiting class. They lost two games this year that they could have and probably should have won. LSU is a good opponent. They have a real good young quarterback. The defense was dominant this season. The future looks real strong. We need to get things back on track. I'm coming in there hoping to get back to the 12-0, national championship seasons. We'll be capable of it and we just need to prepare ourselves like that."

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