Meriweather Q&A

Junior safety Brandon Meriweather leads the team in tackles with 102.

What are your thoughts on the game?

"It is going to be real fun. You are playing against a top 10 team in a bowl. It is going to be like a national championship. You are going to have a sold-out crowd. It is going to be fun checking out the A-T-L and a little something different from home."

After finding out JaMarcus Russell will not play in the game, what are your thoughts on their backup quarterback Matt Flynn?

"From what I know about him he is a pretty good athlete. He is just like Marcus Vick, Reggie Ball, and Marques Hagans. They are all basically the same type of player. He is a real strong player. You have to go in there thinking you are going up against a running back or receiver at quarterback. We are going to go in there and try to do the same thing we have in recent weeks and come out with a victory."

How has your season gone personally, has it gone better than you expected, the same, not as good?

"It is not more than I expected because I always expected to do good. Actually less than what I expected because I expected us to be in the national championship game against USC or Texas, but that was not a reality therefore I believe this season was a letdown. I feel if I could have made one or two more plays we would be in the 'ship right now."

Do you sense that same mentality around the team about individual performances?

"Yeah. Everybody takes it to heart. We have the ability and the team to go 11-0, 12-0 every year. When we don't succeed or don't to get where we want to be then we let each other down."

With Ryan Moore not here how does that affect you and the team?

"With him not here it is going to feel like we have something more to play for. Instead of him celebrating you are going to see me celebrating. We are going to have fun."

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