DL Excited About UM Visit

Chris Lewis is nationally ranked by several high school wrestling publications. He's nearly unbeatable in the heavyweight division. However, it's on the football field where Lewis has the most potential

"I love wrestling and it's been great," Lewis said. "However, I'm a football player first and that's how I want to be known."

On the gridiron, Lewis has emerged into a major college football prospect. At 6-foot-2 and 245 pounds, Lewis played on both sides of the ball as a senior -- defensive end and tailback.

"I had about nine sacks on defense and probably seven toucdowns on offense," he said. "I missed three games in the middle of the season with a strained tricep. I made All-League and All-Valley though."

Chris Lewis, a full academic qualifier, projects as a defensive end at the college level.

"The difference in me is wrestling," he said. "I'm fast and strong but so are a lot of guys. The difference is, I don't see many guys with the wrestling background I have. That's made me a different person on the football field."

The talented senior, who has been playing organized football since 5th grade, has already taken four official visits and has a fifth one scheduled.

"I've been to Arizona State, Arizona, Oregon, and Fresno State," he said. "I'm going to Miami on January 20th and that'll be it. I've loved them all so far and I'm very comfortable with all of them."

Lewis spoke more about the Hurricanes and how they began recruiting him.

"My uncle knows Randy Shannon real well," he said. "They were childhood friends I guess and kinda grew up together. They originally saw me at the Stanford NIKE Camp and had the wrong address. They finally got it right and began contacting me a lot. Coach Shannon has been to my house two times since the end of the season. They offered me a scholarship and then set up the trip for January. They're on me pretty hard right now."

Lewis was asked for his thoughts on the UM program and he had some good things to say.

"Miami's a great program," he said. "You look at Miami and you see all the players in the NFL. That's a plus. If you go there and start, you'll get a shot (at the NFL). Plus, it's a great education there -- it's a private school, the classes are smaller, and you get to know your teachers better. It seems like a great place but I've never been there so I'm really looking forward to my visit there."

The talented defender claims offers from all five programs and isn't ready to single out a favorite yet. He talked about the factors that will be important in his final decision.

"The biggest one is education," he said. "Everyone has good football facilities and good coaches. I'll evaluate what it's like away from football. Where will I enjoy living the most? What happens if I get hurt and have to get used to life after football? Thats why the atmosphere and the area and things like that will be real important. After my Miami visit, I'll sit down with my parents and weigh the pros and cons of each one. They're OK with me making the best decision I can, no matter where it's at. They'll support me wherever."

Lewis, who named Ray Lewis as his favorite player, plans on making his decision after his visit to Miami.

"I've seen the first four and liked them all," he said. "Like I said, I feel like I could be comfortable at any of those places. Now it's time to see how Miami stacks up."

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