Preston Parker Q&A

With less than a month to go until Signing Day we caught up with one of Florida's top wide receiver prospects - Preston Parker. He fills us in on the latest with his recruitment.

Mike Bakas: What's going on these days?

Preston Parker: "I'm chillin. Track starts Wednesday. We start practicing for the (Palm Beach Co.) All-Star game on Monday. I played in the North/South game and caught a bomb. I had a couple good punt returns too."

MB: What's the latest in the classroom?

PP: "My grades are OK. I'm taking the SAT again in a few weeks. I'm close. I'll get it but if not, I'll take it again. I'll be ready by August."

MB: Did you watch the All-American Game?

PP: "Yeah and that was crazy. How were some of those guys picked? It's all politics I guess. I'd like to see some of those guys have the season I had down here against this competition. Oh well, it's life I guess."

MB: What's the latest on recruiting?

PP: "I go to Florida State (Jan 20) and Miami (Jan 27) later this month. Those are the main ones. I'll take those visits and probably announce on signing day. I went to Minnesota and NC State already. They were straight."

MB: Thoughts on Florida State?

PP: "I've always been interested in them. They have a young quarterback and they threw a lot this year."

MB: What about Miami?

PP: "They have some openings. CJ's talking about coming in getting a chance to start right away. Moss is gone and (Lance Leggett) has been trippin lately. I've always liked Miami. They came to see me last week. They put guys into the NFL too."

MB: Did you watch the Peach Bowl?

PP: "Yeah, some of it. LSU put it to them. Miami just couldn't get it going on offense. That's what happens when you're not prepared."

MB: What are your thoughts on the coaching changes going on at UM?

PP: "Maybe it's a good thing. They had a dumb game plan for the LSU game. It was all Hester and everyone knew it. Then they completely got away from that. Miami's better than that. I'm sure they'll get a good new guy. CJ and Cristobal are the ones coming back and they're the ones who have been recruiting me the whole time."

MB: What's up with Orlando Franklin?

PP: "He's going on the Miami visit with me. We might end up playing together in college, we'll see."

MB: What are your plans after signing day?

PP: "I wanna get the workout program from the school I sign with and also work on getting eligible for next season. I'll be ready."

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