Interview: QB Ken Dorsey

Ken Dorsey has lost one game in his tenure as the Hurricanes' starting quarterback. He takes some time to discuss the upcoming season with us and let us in on what he's working on and what his thoughts are about the Heisman Trophy, his goals beyond the NFL and even cartoons!

Talk about the offensive line performance this spring
Before the spring I had concerns but I was very encouraged with the progress they made. We are basically coming back with four guys that are starter quality or who have played extensively (Sherko Haji-Rasouli, Ed Wilkins, Brett Romberg, Vernon Carey) and we are only breaking in one new guy so to speak. I think Carlos Joseph did a great job and Chris Myers did excellent as well and is beginning to mold into the player a lot of people expected him to be.

What did you personally work on this spring?
Everything. You can't concentrate on one area and not continue to develop the entire package.

What are your thoughts on the pre-season hype concerning all of the awards you are or might be up for?
I just want to win. The Heisman and the other awards are huge honors but you don't even get mentioned for them unless you win. Hopefully I'll be competing for them this year as that means we are winning.

What are you currently at for height and weight?
6-5 195 pounds.

Talk about your leadership role this year
Someone is going to have to step up and fill the void that Ed [Reed] left. We're going to have some freshmen contributors this year and we are going to need leadership for them. Right now we are building the chemistry on the team and during the fall I think you'll see guys stepping up and taking that role. It may be me and it may be a combination of guys that do this.

Who are some players that stepped up this spring that really impressed you?
On the defense I'd say the secondary. They are really improving. I'd say Kelly Jennings is one who looked very good. Sean Taylor is another one and Maurice Sikes really did well I think. Overall I think the entire secondary really improved throughout the spring. On offense I think Kyle Cobia had an excellent spring. He is in the Will McPartland mold, a hard worker that does all of the little things right to help us win.

What are you focusing on improving this season?
The little things. I am working on my footwork a lot as well as my timing with the receivers. I want to be more accurate this year and work on my completion percentage too. Overall I guess I just want to improve as a whole.

What are you majoring in here at Miami?
Marketing and Business Managament, I have a double major.

What are your goals after college?
I want to pursue the NFL as I think that is a great opportunity. Outside of that I think there are two careers I'd be interested in. One is coaching at some level. The other is maybe working in a marketing department of a sports team or an organization like Nike.

Talk about why you chose Miami
It came down to the coaching staff. I was very comfortable with all of them. I liked that there was an opportunity to play early too.

Compare coach Coker with Butch Davis from your perspective
Coach Davis was much more hands on and involved in all aspects of the team. Coach Coker is more laid back I guess and let's his assistants do their job. I've liked my time with both of them.

Talk about the impact of having coach Werner working with you
He has really helped me. I think he has helped with my fundamentals more than anything.

What are some things you like to do away from school and football?
Video games! I play a lot of video games and watch a lot of TV to relax. I watch a lot of old cartoons. I like the real old ones like Talespin. I'm not a fan of the newer cartoons because they try to make them too realistic.

What has been the highlight thus far for you on the field?
Winning the National Championship, no question. I look forward to the chance to do it again this year.

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