Shields Impressed With Visit

Sam Shields made an early commitment to the University of Miami and finally took his official visit to the school this past weekend. "It was great," Shields said. "We hung out, ate a lot, went to the basketball game, stuff like that. Lance Leggett showed me around. I've known him since I was younger. He used to stay around here."

Shields, 6-feet and 175 pounds, particularly enjoyed hanging out with the players.

"That was important to me and it felt like I was already part of the team," he said. "I got along with the receivers. Me and Kyle Wright got along really well. It's what I was hoping for."

Shields had a chance to review the depth chart with UM coach Curtis Johnson during the visit.

"There's only three coming back with much experience," he said. "Khalil (Jones) is there too. I think I can go in and compete right away. I'm pretty excited about that."

The talented receiver thinks he can make an early impact at UM next season. He's also excited about UM's new look offensively.

"They said they're gonna run a lot of hitches and things like that to get us the ball faster," he said. "Just get us the ball and we'll take care of the rest. The longest play of the year for them was a little short pass to Moss who took it about 85 yards (against Temple)."

Shields is excited about the future of the program.

"We have a lot of good players coming back," he said. "The defense looks good and we just need to get the offense going. 9-3 doesn't make people happy around there."

Another highlight of his visit was meeting NFL receiver Chad Johnson.

"He is from Miami and works out there over the summer," he said. "That'd be cool if he helped us out some too. A lot of NFL players seem to want to be around Miami during the offseason."

The talented senior was scheduled to visit South Florida next weekend but instead he'll be re-taking the SAT.

"I thought I was high enough but I just need a little more," he said. "I'll be straight."

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