Stegall Talks About Visit

Daniel Stegall took a break from studying at a friend's house on Sunday night to talk some UM football. He returned home from a weekend visit there earlier tonight.

"It was awesome," Stegall said. "Just the atmosphere, the University was great. All the people were from different places but they were all really nice and the coaches were great. I wasn't sure what to expect going down there for the first time but the biggest thing was how nice everyone was."

Moving from a small town in Arkansas to South Florida would be a big adjustment for a lot of kids. Stegall addressed that.

"It wont be hard to adjust," he said. "I've always wanted to live in a big city. I met a lot of different players. They're good people and I got to hang out with a lot of the recruits and we all got along. But yeah, Miami's just like any other big city -- except it's next to the ocean and it's 75 in January."

Stegall spoke more about what he did during his weekend visit.

"We toured the campus, met with the Dean of Engineering, saw the weight room, saw the practice field, and got a grand tour of the University," he said. "Everyone about the school was real impressive. On the town, we checked out Coconut Grove, South Beach, and the city. It was all really nice."

The talented quarterback, fresh off a state championship, played in a spread offense in high school. After meeting with UM coaches over the weekend, he's excited for what lies ahead.

"We watched film on both Miami's old offense and the offense Coach Berry is going to bring in," he said. "The thing I like most is how we're going to attack the field vertically. With the receivers Miami has, it's going to be easy to do that. The quarterbacks are real excited about that."

Stegall, 6-foot-2 and 180 pounds, had a chance to hang out with the eight other recruits were in town this weekend.

"Some of the guys had already committed," he said. "They were just using this weekend as their visit, like I did. But there were some others that committed, too, I think."

Which ones?

"I don't know," he said. "All I know is we're having a great class and a lot of good recruits are coming in."

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