Dade County Jamboree

Dade County had its jamboree of eight schools last night. There were some great prospects on the field. I'll break down each team and talk about who looked good and who Miami might be targeting in this recruiting year.

American -- They have a TE named Ken Williams, who is about 6-6 and 200 pounds. He is also a big time basketball recruit. BB frame, and a chance to be 240 in a few years. He runs well and has tremendous athletic ability. In a year where TE probably isn't a big need, he's probably not a UM type, but defintely a prospect with lots of upside.

North Miami has no major Div 1 types.

Carol City - Their top prospect is DE Eric Moncur. At 6-2 and 230, he's very active. He's always around the ball, and is a very talented pass rusher. He does a lot of things well. The only problem is his size and lack of wingspan. He gets locked out by bigger OL, and that will hurt him in college. He doesnt run like a LB and doesnt have a DT's frame. He's a mid level Div 1 kid, but not a UM type. Maurice Charles is a DE on the otherside, probably a low Div 1 kid. They have a rising junior LB named Vernon Wilder who is very talented, although only 5-9 to 5-10.

North Miami Beach has no major Div1 kids, although they have a super athlete named Jemmy Jasmine who is a Div 1 prospect.

Jackson - They have no major Div types, but a LB named Antonio McKnight that is a Div 1 kid. They have a junior DB named Jason Ruger that looked very impressive.

Central - They have what might be the best overall prospect in the county - DL Bryan Pata. He plays DE now, but at 6-3 and 260, he's a future DT. Built and plays a lot like Santonio Thomas at this age. I think he's a big time kid. Great athlete, very quick, explosive, strong, and always around the ball. His motor never stops. He might be the top DT prosect in the state, and I cant wait to interview him next month.

Ali Highsmith is good, but not UM good. At 5-11 and 200, he takes himself out of the play too much and just isn't around the ball enough. He looked better last season. Their best LB s a kid named Chevin Pace, who is also a little smallish. Neither are UM types in my opinion.

Northwestern - Cliff Dickson did not play due to a leg injury (minor). I spoke to him for a good part of their game. He has offers from Rutgers, NC State, and Indiana. I think he has all the talent you want, but has some questions to answer before he's a UM type. I think Pata's a better prospect right now. They have a low Div 1 LB named Leo Waters and a WR named Andre Johnson that is a track kid that didn't play tonight either. Neither are UM types though. Dickson is their top prospect and he promised me he'll have a super senior year. Thats what he'll need if he wants to play at UM.

Norlands top prospect is WR Dwayne Bowe. At 6-3 and 190, he looked very impressive. Big, strong, physical kid, that gets off the line really well. Average speed rght now, but he'll be fine. Decent hands, and creates good separation. Super athlete. I think he's a mid to upper Div 1 kid wth the upside to have a senior year that could land him a scholarship from the Big 3. Keep his name in mind.

Their other WR - Willie Pope (A Johnson's younger brother) - is only about 155 pounds at 6-0, but quick and talented. He's not overly explosive but makes plays and is probably a mid Div 1 prospect.

They have a LB named Antwan Barnes. At 6-1 and 215, he looked very good. Hes very explosive, always around the ball, very strong, and instinctive. He gets of blockers well and runs laterally real well. He's a playmaker that was the best LB on the field all night. Big time sleeper that I think might have a chance to play at UM some day. He is one of the top 5 LB prospects I've seen in the entire state. Keep his name in mind for sure, he will only get better.

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