Recruiter of the Year: Tim Walton

Steven Wesley is one of several recruits who were recruited by UM assistant coach Tim Walton.

At the end of every recruiting class, fans like to hear about which coaches seemed to be the most successful on the recruiting front throughout the year. For the University of Miami this year, I give that honor to young and talented assistant coach Tim Walton.

Although Mario Cristobal did one heck of a job for the Hurricanes, Walton's efforts were outstanding. He was the primary recruiter for Graig Cooper, Kylan Robinson, Steven Wesley, Tervaris Johnson, and Ryan Hill. The kids love his style and personality.

"He's real straight forward with you and that's what we want to hear because of all the other stuff we hear from a lot of other coaches (at other schools)," Wesley said. "When he came at me, I was real impressed."

Both running backs, although they'll likely never play for Walton in his secondary, came away impressed as well.

"He's just real knowledgeable and real passionate about football," Robinson said. "That's how I am so I was able to relate. He's a DBs coach and I'm a running back but I could see how so many guys would wanna play for him."

Hill, who many believe is the top player in this entire class, will get the opportunity to work directly with Walton.

"When Coach Sol left, it wasn't a big deal because me and Coach Walton are straight," Hill said. "He played college football and he's been around some of the most successful defenses. He knows what's up and I respect that a lot. I know the guy I'll be playing for has been in my shoes. I loved the way he recruited me, too. He came at me hard and made me realize that Miami was the best place for me. Not that I needed that, because I knew Miami was the place for me, but he made me feel real comfortable the whole time."

Here's a complete rundown of who each kid says was their primary recruiter (keep in mind a lot of crossovers were made and a lot of kids had multiple recruiters/closers throughout the process).

Daniel Stegall -- Todd Berry Graig Cooper -- Tim Walton Javarris James -- Art Kehoe Kylan Robinson -- Tim Walton Sam Shields -- Curtis Johnson George Robinson -- Curtis Johnson Dedrick Epps -- Mario Cristobal Jason Fox -- Dan Werner Ian Symonette -- Mario Cristobal Joel Figueroa -- Mario Cristobal Orlando Franklin -- Mario Cristobal Steven Wesley -- Tim Walton Chris Lewis -- Randy Shannon Josh Holmes -- Randy Shannon Chaz Washington -- Curtis Johnson Colin McCarthy -- Randy Shannon Chavez Grant -- Randy Shannon Ryan Hill -- Tim Walton Tervaris Johnson -- Tim Walton Matt Bosher -- Mario Cristobal

Tim Walton 5 Mario Cristobal 5 Randy Shannon 4 Curtis Johnson 3 Todd Berry 1

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