A Closer Look: Offense

Lesean McCoy was a late addition to an already strong group of offensive players. Learn more about each of them here.

The University of Miami needed some offensive playmakers in this class and they delivered. They needed some quality offensive linemen and they delivered. From top to bottom, this looks like a very good group. Lets take a closer look at what I like most about each of these kids. (note: star ranking, in my opinion, appears after each player)

Daniel Stegall -- I don't want to keep hearing about Pat Devlin and I'm sure Stegall doesn't either. Devlin's at Penn State. Since when did UM become a program that worried about kids playing at other programs? There's a lot to like about this kid. He's a winner (he led his team to the last two state title games). He put up video game numbers as a senior (4,000 yards and 50 touchdowns). He's a very intelligent kid (4.1+ GPA and a high test score). He is also a competitive baseball player. His body will mature once he gets into a college weight program like Miami's. He reminds me a lot of Kirby Freeman at this age. * * *

Graig Cooper -- He helped lead his team to the state championship game as a senior so he knows what it takes to compete and win. His high school has as many former players in the NFL right now as anyone else. He might not be the biggest kid around but he's a playmaker. He's got a good football IQ and was ultra productive in high school. He's played on both sides of the ball and was a cornerback before he tore up opposing defenses as a runner. I think he's a lot like Derron Thomas, with a little more upside. * * *

Javarris James -- This kid bleeds Orange and Green. Nobody will outwork him. He comes in with a really good head on his shoulders. His best days are ahead of him, especially once he gets stronger. He'll get a lot faster and he's plenty fast enough now. He comes from a winning program at Immokalee and ran wild on opposing defenses when healthy. He's not a big play threat (his longest run as a senior was just 42 yards) but he'll get you a lot of yards between the tackles. * * * *

Lesean McCoy -- A late addition to UM's recruiting class, McCoy sorta came out of right field since he hadn't even officially visited the school. He's a big time talent, however. He was ultra productive in high school until an ankle injury ended his senior season early. He has an excellent size/speed combo and also competed in a couple different sports. He comes from a good prep program and should be mentally prepared for the college level. He might be the most talented player in this entire class. * * * * *

Kylan Robinson -- A big back who played wide receiver until he moved to Florida from Alaska. He ran for over 400 yards in his first career start at that position. He's a good student with excellent running instincts. He's very raw and will only get better but his ability to find holes and make people miss doesn't come around too often. His best days are way ahead of him. * * *

George Robinson -- He's a talented kid who played in a run-oriented offense so his stats werent overly impressive. He performed very well at UM's summer camp, including a couple sub 4.5-forty times. He has long legs and will only get faster. He's played 6A ball the last few years and is ready from a competitive standpoint. He hasnt made a whole lot of plays up to this point so it'll be interesting to see how far his talent takes him. * *

Sam Shields -- Stud. I think he was one of the top five players in the entire state this season. The kid's a natural playmaker. He scored 24 times as a senior. He's a dangerous return specialist as well. A three-sport star, he helped lead his team to the Class 3A state title game. He has a lot of Reggie Wayne similiarities to his game and I think he can become that type of player for UM. * * * * *

Dedrick Epps -- A tremendous athlete, Epps was very productive on both sides of the ball. He averaged over 10 tackles a game at linebacker the last two seasons. He's a 235-pound pass-catching tight end prospect who brings a lot to the table. He's an honor roll student who also runs track and plays basketball. He's capable of becoming the next great tight end at The U. * * * *

Joel Figueroa -- Local kid who played on both sides of the ball at North Miami his senior season. He played a high level of competition in high school and he's huge. He has long arms and quick feet and brings a lot of athletic ability to the position. UM coaches offered him shortly after watching his performance in the Dade/Broward All-Star game. He can play guard or tackle at the college level. * *

Jason Fox -- A former tight end, Fox brings plenty of athletic ability to the position. He's a competitive basketball player as well. His long arms and quick feet got him recruited nationally. He's a smart kid who has a tremendous work ethic. A lot of people compare him to Eric Winston at this age. I think he's close to that from an athletic standpoint but he's not quite as aggressive as Eric at that age. Regardless, he has a high upside because he's a very coachable kid who's only going to get better. * * *

Orlando Franklin -- He's only played football in the states for a year but he was a dominant player on both sides of the ball, as he emerged as one of the state's best linemen (playing at the 5A level). He's tough, aggressive, and has lots of athletic tools to work with. I think he's clearly the best offensive lineman in this class. * * * *

Ian Symonette -- The biggest recruit in this class, Symonette has a lot of intangibles you look for. He has a very long wingspan and moves his feet well for a kid his size. He has to mature physically and is a couple years away. Becoming more aggressive will be the key. * *

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