High School Coach Comments on Colin McCarthy

Colin McCarthy (6-3, 220) is a University of Miami signee standout linebacker from Clearwater (Fla.) Central Catholic High School. McCarthy is not your average high school football player, just ask his head coach Mike Jalazo.

"Most people don't realize how good he is. We had 3 guys sign with D1 schools Wednesday with a few other players who will be going D1 as well and he is hands down the best football player we had, period. His passion and work ethic will be picked up on immediately. They say Miami didn't get any 5 stars, but if Colin isn't a 5 star he is as close as you can get. Miami got a steal," Jalazo said.

Wednesday's signing brought about mixed emotions for Coach Jalazo.

"It was emotional. It just started to don on me that number twelve wouldn't be around in the huddle and it saddened me. Colin has such an overwhelming pride to do his work that he deserves whatever comes his way," Jalazo said.

McCarthy is a young man that will arrive on campus ready and willing to work.

"He is ridiculously hard working, whether it is on the track or in the weight room. He wants to be the best athlete he can be. Colin is a yes and no sir kind of kid that learns from any constructive criticism that is thrown his way. He does his work and is respected by everyone whether it is school faculty or other kids on the team," Jalazo said.

While in high school Colin was able to help the Marauder's on both sides of the ball (TE, LB). At the next level Coach Jalazo feels one side of the ball in particular may best suit Colin.

"He could play tight end. He did great for us, but he is a natural defensive player. I thought they might recruit him for "Will" linebacker but I think they will make him a "Mike" linebacker because of his speed (4.53 40 yard dash)," Jalazo said.

On the field Canes fans can expect to see McCarthy striking fear into the opponents much like a former Hurricane great that went onto star in the NFL.

"He reminds me of Dan Morgan. He is an intense linebacker that has a great feel for the game. Colin might be a better prospect than Morgan was when he got to Miami because of his size. With how hard Colin works he should be around 230 pounds by the time camp starts," Jalazo said.

The intensity that McCarthy shares with Morgan will be seen early and often.

"Natural intensity is his best attribute on the field. On the flip side he slaves with so much intensity that he will whack you hard, but if you need a form tackle he does that too. He has a great sense of the game. This past season, we played a 3-4, and I gave him freedom for most of the season to read and react instead of calling plays," Jalazo said.

Off the field Colin is driven to succeed.

"He doesn't go to parties. He has tons of friends but he is not the guy that wants to stand out in the spot light. If he had to choose between working out or going out, 10 out of 10 times he would choose working out," Jalazo said.

Jalazo feels Colin may be more prepared than most to see early playing time for the Canes.

"Honest to god truth, any player who is going to play college ball is not ready for two things. First is the speed of game and second is the learning curve. Colin may be ahead of many players who come in because we did play a very in depth defensive scheme but I do not know how much work they will have him do before he gets to school. It is just a matter of having him learn the schemes and what they give him to work on before camp," Jalazo said.

McCarthy's impact could be seen sooner than later.

"I do think Colin can make an immediate impact if given the opportunity. If it were up to Colin he would not want to red shirt and would be happy to help on special teams and backup at linebacker. I do not know Miami's depth but he is a kid who will play every special team and that could help immediately," Jalazo said.

The injury that plagued McCarthy for part of his senior season seems to be in the past.

"Colin had a slight labral tear in his shoulder. He had surgery and it is coming along well. It has good movement and by May it will be 100%," Jalazo said.

Coach Jalazo would not be surprised to see Colin's name added to the already long list of players that flourished for the Canes and then made an easy transition to the pros.

"If he avoids injury he has a very good chance to play in the league. If he isn't (in the NFL) it won't be because of lack of effort. If Colin is given the chance he will make the most of it, and will be the next great linebacker from Miami entering the league," Jalazo said.

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