Josh Holmes Q&A

Josh Holmes (San Diego, Calif.) signed with the Miami Hurricanes earlier this month. We took time to get to know Holmes and ask him a few questions that you might not have heard in the recruiting process.

CanesTime: What's your family like (who raised you, how many brothers/sisters, etc)?

Josh Holmes: "My parents raised me. God blessed me with two wonderful parents and a great older and younger brother. We are a Christian sports family. Both mean very much to our family."

CanesTime: What was it like for you growing up?

Holmes: "It has always been great. I always had good grades and sports have always been there. I had a great childhood.

CanesTime: When did you first start playing football?

Holmes: "When I was six I played in long beach. I was just talking to my dad about that the other day. My Dad knew the owner so I got to play one year early. I was only six years old but my birthday was September 12 and the cut off was the 3rd so they let me play because by the time the season started I would be 7. I was really ready to play at that point because I had a brother 3 years older so I always had to watch him playing. I played running back and defensive end.

CanesTime: Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

Holmes: My grandpa, he was dying of cancer and he fought it for a long time, after five years it took him but he fought it every day so I look up to him.

CanesTime: Talk about your favorite football memory.

Holmes: "I would have to say this past year playing against Brawley in the state semifinals. We were going against them 11-0. Their fans were talking a lot of trash. We had to get 5000 more bleachers to fit the stadium. We won 24-21 and went onto the championship; it was a real great feeling knocking them off."

CanesTime: When did you know you were going to be a major recruit?

Holmes: "After my sophomore year I was first team all league and there were lots of good athletes in the league. After games opposing coaches would tell me good game and they were shocked to hear I was only a sophomore. I was always focused on getting a D1 scholarship to a big program."

CanesTime: What made UM different than everyone else?

Holmes: "I have always been a fan of the top Florida teams. Miami's defense is amazing. They fly to the ball. I cannot wait to play with that defense. The school has a great atmosphere, it is a great family. After going up there and talking with coach Shannon and Coker I knew it was for me."

CanesTime: Which assistant coach was most responsible for recruiting you to Miami?

Holmes: "Coach Johnson was the first one to visit me but it was Coach Coker and Coach Shannon who I was in contact with after committing."

CanesTime: What's the best memory of your recruiting process?

Holmes: "When coach Johnson came down during spring ball to watch me practice. That day after practice around 5 p.m. my coach came up to me and said I got great news that the University of Miami offered you a scholarship. My dad and older brother were present so it was great to share it with them and see their excitement.

CanesTime: What other sports do you play?

Holmes: "Right now I play basketball. As a team we aren't doing too well. I believe we are like 6-12 or something like that. I am basically a guy who plays defense and pushes people around and when I get the ball I go up with it. In the past I also did track but I am not positive if I will do it again."

CanesTime: What jersey number do you plan on wearing at Miami and why?

Holmes: "I might have to go with 91. It was the number I wore when I was 6. If I can't get that, I like 98. I just think it's tight and that it is a good number for a defensive lineman."

CanesTime: Do you have any nicknames? (how did you get it?)

Holmes: "Homie, it was passed down during high school. My older brother was called Homie so then I was called little Homie. It has been passed from brother to brother. My younger brother is now little Homie."

CanesTime: What are your hobbies outside of playing sports?

Holmes: "I hangout with my friends and brothers, go out on the weekends and once in a while make time for video games."

CanesTime: If you were granted one dream in life, what happens in it?

Holmes: "Well my dream was winning a state title but that didn't happen because we lost in the championship so now my big dream is playing for a national championship with Miami. In front of all those people getting that trophy and ring would be a dream come true."

What is your favorite…
Food? Chicken shredded tacos (my moms)

Musical artist? Tu Pac

Movie? Varsity blues

TV show? Sportscenter

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