Joel Figueroa Q&A

Joel Figueroa is a 6-foot-5, 330-pound offensive lineman from North Miami, Fla. We took time to ask Joel questions that you might not have heard during the recruiting process.

CanesTime: What's your family like (who raised you, how many brothers/sisters, etc)?

Figueroa: "Both my parents were always there for me. They did everything they could to provide for my brother, sister and I. I am the youngest child in our family."

CanesTime: What was it like for you growing up?

Figueroa: "We moved from Puerto Rico when I was almost one year old. At first when I was younger it was hard when we moved to town but my parents still had money for us and they fed us good. It was hard, but after a while my parents learned English and they pushed us and made sure our grades were good."

CanesTime: When did you first start playing football?

Figueroa: "I didn't play until the 10th grade. Starting so late just made me want to work harder. Everyone was saying they played since they were real young, so I had to work twice as hard to catch up."

CanesTime: Who has been the most influential person in your life and why?

Figueroa: "My head coach, Leonard Graham. He worked me hard and even if I did well he said there was more out there. It pushed me harder and it helped me playing football and in the recruiting process."

CanesTime: Talk about your favorite football memory.

Figueroa: "This one play our quarterback had the ball and it was an option on the other side of the field. I ran down the play and hit the safety full speed. My block freed up the quarterback and he took it to the house."

CanesTime: When did you know you were going to be a major recruit?

Figueroa: "I think nobody is better than me. I am hard headed. I always knew, I mean I always thought I was going to be a big recruit."

CanesTime: What made UM different than everyone else?

Figueroa: "There is no comparison to Miami. Miami has been my favorite school since I was a little kid so that helped make my decision easier, and the other schools interested weren't up there. Miami is top notched and the others just weren't.

CanesTime: Which assistant coach was most responsible for recruiting you to Miami?

Figueroa: "Mario Cristobal"

CanesTime: What's the best memory of your recruiting process?

Figueroa: "Signing day, it was a great experience. My school doesn't often have people sign to a big school. It was crazy at school, there were reporters all over. My family, players, coaches, and the entire school was apart of it."

CanesTime: What other sports do you play?

Figueroa: "I throw discus in track."

CanesTime: What is your favorite…
Food? Hispanic, rice and beans
Musical artist? Lil' Wayne
Movie? Friday Night Lights
TV show? Lost

CanesTime: What jersey number do you plan on wearing at Miami and why?

Figueroa: "Sixty-one, it was my number I have always had. I got to find a way to get it."

CanesTime: Do you have any nicknames?

Figueroa: J-Fig

CanesTime: What are your hobbies?

Figueroa: "I play basketball, computers, video games."

CanesTime: If you were granted one dream in life, what happens in it?

Figueroa: "I want to go to the Super Bowl, win it all, and be successful in life."

CanesTime: In closing, do you have any words for the Canes faithful?

Figueroa: "I love Miami, I will be there until the end. Fans can count on me to work hard all the time. You might not know my name now but you will soon."

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