Q & A With Jim Burt

Jim Burt took a few moments with Hurricanesports.com to share his experiences at the NCAA Regionals and his goals for the future. Here's what he had to say...

What were you thinking when you stepped up to the plate with two outs, at the bottom of the ninth?
I was just telling myself "relax, try to get a good pitch to hit. Just hit the ball down the middle. Try to get a single and tie it up." I wasn't even thinking about scoring the guy on first.

What was the first thing that went through your head when you realized it was your double that led the team to win?
I was shocked. I didn't even know what was going on at first. I didn't expect it, especially since I hit a home run to tie the first game. It still hasn't sunk in.

Did you go somewhere after the game to celebrate?
We had to get on the bus right away and drive home. We didn't get home until four in the morning.

Besides practice, is there any other way you're preparing for the super regionals?
We just try to take one game at a time. We just wanted to get past Florida first. We really haven't talked about South Carolina yet. We'll find out today at practice.

What would you like to accomplish in the Super Regionals?
I just want to win. I don't care how good I play or how good anyone plays, as long as we win two games out of three.

What goals do you hope to accomplish in your next two years playing for Miami?
I'm just taking in the season right now. I'm not trying to think in advance.

Do you plan to continue playing baseball after graduation?
Hopefully next year I'll get drafted and I'll be graduating next year as a junior.

What is your favorite Major League Team?
I've been a Yankees fan my whole life, and I live about half an hour away from Yankee Stadium.

What is your favorite baseball movie?
It used to be Major League, but now it's Sixty-One. It's a really good movie about Mickey Mantle.

What would you say is your biggest strength?
My work ethic. I take pride in working harder than anyone else.

If you could borrow a quality from any one of your team members, what would it be, and who from?
Kevin Howard's focus.

What is your advice to young athletes?
Believe in yourself. Work hard. Don't worry about what anyone else says. Do your best, and be happy with who you are.

What do you do before every game?
I like to be in a quiet mood before I play. Just pray and focus.

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