Coker Comments on Four Hires

CORAL GABLES, Fla. - Earlier today Miami head coach Larry Coker held a press conference to introduce four new coaches to the media including Rich Olson who will be the offensive coordinator and coach the running backs.


"I am very excited about the opportunity to announce these four guys. From the heart, I am very optimistic about the direction we are going. I just got back from the weight room and the attitude and work ethic with our players excites me."

"I am very pleased and honored to have these four coaches on our staff."

On Defensive Line Coach John Palermo....

"John comes from Wisconsin and I was a little familiar with John when I was at Ohio State. I think he is one of the best defensive line coaches in the country and makes it very difficult to get first downs. John has three Rose Bowl championships at Wisconsin and a national championship at Notre Dame."

"I contacted Lou Holtz regarding another matter and I told him that one of his former coaches is here with us and we were talking to him about the possibility of him coaching with us. He told me, 'Coach, don't let him go. Make him sign something.'"

On Assistant Defensive Line Coach Clint Hurtt...

"He is not new to us and is back with us after a year at FIU. Before he left I told him that if there was any way possible I was going to get him back at the University of Miami. We were very fortunate to do so. He did a great job at FIU last year and did a good job of recruiting."

On Offensive Coordinator/Running Backs Coach Rich Olson...

"He has been here before as the offensive coordinator and has spent the last 10 years in the NFL. When you are at the University of Miami you have a lot of people interested in the job. It is special to hire someone of his expertise and ability. With what he is going to bring to the table, we are going to be a much, much better offensive football team."

"The thing that I liked about Rich was that everyone I talked to talked about his ability to unite all of the offensive coaches and it will really get us going on the same page."

On Quarterbacks Coach Todd Berry...

"Todd is no stranger to me. I coached Todd when he was a quarterback at Tulsa. He is a tremendous addition to our staff and has been a head coach at two schools. He has been successful wherever he has been at bringing along quarterbacks. Everywhere he has been his quarterbacks have been all-conference players."

In closing...

"All in all, we are talking about some tremendous football coaches and great minds, but let me tell you we have some outstanding people here. They have outstanding people skills and are outstanding recruiters. They are going to be great for the university, but they are especially going to be great for those guys in the weight room."


During the press conference, Larry Coker was informed by Mario Cristobal that he will remain on the staff and has pulled his name out of the running to be the New York Jets Tight Ends Coach.

Cristobal will coach the offensive line in 2006 after two seasons as the tight ends coach.

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