Interview: TE Kellen Winslow

Kellen Winslow enters the 2002 season after an impressive true freshman year where he moved from wide receiver to tight end and also participated on special teams. He talks about his goals for this upcoming year, what brought him to Miami, as well as the role his father has played in his development as a player.

What are you working on primarily this summer?
I'm just trying to get bigger, stronger and faster. I'm still getting used to the speed of the game so I want to be at my best physically. I also want to get more of the system down. Right now I think I have 50-60% of it down. I'm lifting daily and also working a lot on my agility. A lot of footwork and explosive work.

What are you at currently as far as height, weight, 40?
I'm 6-5 and weigh 240 and last ran a 4.6/40.

Talk about why you chose Miami
The biggest reason was probably Curtis Johnson. He was great during my recruitment and I felt very comfortable coming here because of him.

And after year one?
It is even better than expected and I expected it to be great. I'm very proud of the older guys getting a ring. They have set the standard for us young guys. I got a ring but don't really feel that I did anything. I feel that I need to go out and live up to what the have established for us [younger players].

Talk about the role your father has played in your development
He has helped me a lot on the academic side. He has really helped me with my schedule and stuff more than anything. I felt like a baby when I first got here and the schedule we have was a big shock to me and I was almost falling asleep in some classes early because I wasn't managing my schedule the way I should have. We work out very early and I was just exhausted by the time I got to class. He helped me prepare better after that and I feel so much better now and feel I have a good schedule established. He gives me pointers on routes and things but so far his help has been on off the field issues more than football.

What do you consider your main strengths and weaknesses?
As for weaknesses, I need to work more on technique. At this level, everyone has talent. I want to improve my blocking for both run and pass plays. I also need to continue to improve on my route running. My main strength I believe is that I create a mismatch with the linebackers covering me on pass routes. I have good size and quickness, basically a wide receiver playing tight end. I'd also say that my hands are one of my best strengths as well. I feel confident when the ball is thrown to me that I'm the one that is going to come down with it.

What do you plan to major in?
I'm just taking General Studies - Liberal Arts right now. I'm not sure yet when I'm going to major in.

Who are some players you were impressed with this past spring?
There are a lot of them. I'd say Kelly Jennings is one, Rocky McIntosh is another that played great. Sean Taylor and Antrel Rolle both player very well I thought. Roscoe Parrish is going to be a great player, he is so fast and can cut on a dime. Leon Williams was impressive and so was Orien Harris. We have a lot of younger players that are going to step up this year.

What are your goals for this upcoming season?
I want to play hungry. I have a lot of motivation this year. I would watch Shockey out there last year and tell myself I wanted to be out there playing like him.

What do you like to do with your free time?
Just chill. I hang out with a lot of the hoops guys. Kahleaf Watson is one that I hang out with a lot. I like to play video games and watch some movies too when I have time. Other than that I just like to relax.

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