Elite OL Has UM Interest

Ryan Miller towers over most of his opponents. At 6-foot-8 and 280 pounds, the Litleton (Col.) Colombine standout lineman also dominates them.

While most kids who are that much bigger than everyone else seem to lack the aggressiveness necessary to be successful, Miller's quite the opposite. He dominates, using plenty of aggressive tactics. He knows to never let up.

"I figure there's always someone else out there better than you are," Miller said. "I want to strive to being the best that I can be. I don't think too many guys can match my determination and my hard work habits. I'm always trying to get better."

Ryan Miller, who already has a passing test score (2.8 GPA/19 ACT), has played on both sides of the ball for the last two varsity seasons. He'll soon be a three-year starter.

"My junior season was probably the best," he said. "We went 11-2 and I thought I played pretty well. Fortunately for me, I had a chance to play next to a bunch of seniors, who I learned a lot from. Now I'm the senior and I'm trying to take on a leadership role here."

The talented lineman, who has extremely long arms and quick feet, also does track and wrestles at the varsity level. He also plays the highest level of competition in Colorado (5A). Those are more reasons why he's already becoming a major college recruit.

"I have six offers in writing now," he said. "Miami, Colorado, Nebraska, Notre Dame, Kansas State, and the University of Washington are the six. I'm going to be busy checking some of them out this spring. On April 15, I'm going to take an unofficial visit to USC. At the end of April, I'm going to check out Notre Dame and at the end of July, I'll be coming down to visit the University of Miami."

With plenty of options already and many more likely to come up within the next couple months, Miller does have some early favorites.

"My top five are Colorado, Nebraska, Miami, Notre Dame, and USC," he said. "They're all great programs and all but USC has offered and I'm hoping they will too."

The talented junior spoke more about his interest in the Hurricanes.

"For one, I had no idea it was a private school until recently," he said. "I come from a private school so that would be a nice transition. Coach Mario and I, we talk. He's a real nice coach. Plus, Miami puts more players into the NFL than any other college and that's where I'd like to be one day."

After saying he doesn't have a single favorite, Miller was asked about the possibility of him leaving Colorado to attend college.

"It doesn't matter to me at all," he said. "I won't really know until I take some of these visits. That's when I'll really get a feel for what these schools are like."

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