Sharpton & Adkins Ready for Spring Practices

Second-year linebackers Darryl Sharpton and Spencer Adkins have head coach Larry Coker excited. Sharpton enters the spring as the man to beat at middle linebacker and Adkins looks to be a key contributor as an outstide linebacker.

Darryl Sharpton (5-11/218, Coral Gables) played in three games last year before suffering knee and ankle injuries that sidelined him for the rest of the year. He earned a medical redshirt.

Coker on Sharpton: "I am real excited about him. We want to see what Darryl Sharpton can do at middle linebacker. I think he is a special guy."

Spencer Adkins (5-11/233, Naples) played in six games last year mostly on special teams.

Coker on Spencer Adkins: "I am really excited about him. I haven't seen a player like him that can close like Spencer in a long time. He can go to point A to point B very quickly."

--------------------------------------------------- spoke with both players as they get ready for spring practices, which begins today at 3:20.

Spring practices are starting, how excited are you guys to get it going again?

Darryl: "I'm real excited because I feel hitting is my strong point. I like running around and everything, but contact is what I enjoy the most."

Spencer: "I think when we first got here in the fall we didn't know any of the plays and we were second guessing ourselves so we couldn't really show our real talent. Now we know a lot more stuff and we can bring more to the table."

What was your first year like at UM?

Spencer: "It was a learning experience and there were a lot of new things we went through. I enjoyed it."

Darryl: "It was a total surprise coming to college. We had to learn the playbook like the bible, but now it is all normal."

The defense returns a number of key guys, what are the expectations of the defense?

Darryl: "Yeah we have a lot of good guys coming back at linebacker. I think we are going to be real strong on the d-line and the safeties. I think we are going to be the number one defense in the country."

Spencer: "I think there is going to be a lot of chemistry coming back, which will help us play and work together. It feels like we are bringing back the same defense."

Talk about the linebackers unit you guys have coming back.

Spencer: "Our linebackers are going to be strong this year. We got a lot of young cats coming up and the older guys are teaching us more and more every day. We are just trying to get better."

Darryl: "I think we are going to be real strong. We only lost Leon and Roger, but we got a lot of key returners with Beason, T-Good, me and Spence, Glenn Cook--we are going to be real strong so we are going to be better than last year."

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