QB Gets UM Offer

Chris Forcier recently took a trip from his San Diego hometown to the Sunshine State. It was a productive trip.

"I went to your (scout.com) combine on Sunday and it was great," Forcier said. "I had a lot of fun. It's always good to see what the competition's like other places, especially in Florida. There were some good quarterbacks and lots of speed. I enjoyed myself. Then on Monday I visited with the University of Florida and then on Tuesday, I visited with the University of Miami."

Chris Forcier, 6-foot-3 and 180 pounds, began with recapping his visit to Gainesville.

"I knew right when I saw the swamp that football's life there," he said. "The whole town revolves around the football team and I like that. The coaches know what they're doing. They just had the number one recruiting class. Coach Meyer is a real likable guy. I sat in a meeting with the quarterbacks coach. We run an offense very similar to theirs. I just really enjoyed my time there."

Forcier, one of the nation's top quarterback prospects, left Gainesville without an offer.

"They want to see me throw," he said. "I talked to Coach Meyer last night and he said they're getting a lot of pressure to offer the in-state guys first. I don't know if it's Brantey or Garcia but he said they're being pressured to be committed to the in-state guys first. He said he sees me as maybe the best quarterback in the entire country."

Following his visit to UF, Forcier flew to Miami to check out the Hurricanes. He came away very impressed.

"I had a blast in Miami," he said. "I didn't know what to expect and everything was very impressive. First of all, it's a private school and I didn't know that. The campus is beautiful. It's like a zoo. I liked the diversity of the students. It's a big enough school but not overcrowded. It's a real relaxing place. Miami's a school that sells itself. It's in a real nice area. I heard some things about the school being in a bad area but it wasn't like that at all."

The best part of the visit, perhaps, may have been the minute Forcier walked in the doors.

"Coach Coker actually offered me as soon as I walked in," he said. "That opened my eyes up a lot. They're one of the few programs that compete for the national title every year. It's known as quarterback U. They have a great tradition of having former players come back and work out there. It's a real nice family atmosphere there. Plus, I like how they've had success with quarterbacks from out here lately -- Ken Dorsey and Kyle Wright."

The talented junior spent some time with coaches Todd Berry and Rich Olson.

"The thing I like about Coach Berry is that he's real honest," he said. "Every question my dad and I asked, he was truthful. It might not always be what you want to hear, but he's honest and I respect that a lot about him. He put it on the line the way it's gonna be at Miami. Coach Olson came from the Vikings and has worked with a lot of NFL quarterbacks. The coaches have a lot of good experience there. Even Coach Palermo, he recruited me and my brother (now at Michigan) when he was at Wisconsin. Overall, I loved Miami."

With over a dozen scholarship offers, Forcier isn't ready to name a top five yet but he does have co-favorites.

"Miami and UCLA are tied at the top right now," he said. "They're very much alike. The areas, the schools, the coaches, all of that. I would like to make my decision before the season starts. UCLA might not have the tradition like Miami but they were the first to offer and they came to see me the first day of my junior year. They've been on me hard from the beginning."

One potential wildcard is USC. Forcier is being recruited by USC but has not yet been offered.

"They want to evaluate me more at their camp," he said. "They've offered (Jimmy) Clausen. If they do offer me, I'd look hard at them because of how good their program is right now. But right now, Miami and UCLA are the main two. If I had to pick a top five, Florida would be in it too."

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