Leggett Making Plays Deep

Wide receiver Lance Leggett enters his third season as a Hurricane with 32 career catches for 553 yards (17.3 average) and six touchdowns.

The Hurricanes have completed four of their NCAA-allowed 15 spring practices and so far things are looking promising on offense under new coordinator, Rich Olson.

"I think the spring is going real well and we are taking more shots downfield than what we did last year," Leggett said.

Lance Leggett, who is 6-foot-3 and currently 188 pounds, has outstanding speed, but was not used as a downfield threat last season.

"That was kind of hard for us last year. We didn't go down the field that much. That is the biggest thing we are working on this spring."

Leggett believes Olson will give him and the rest of the receivers the ability to showcase their talent in 2006.

"The deep ball is what we were missing last year," said Leggett. "Everyboy was saying we weren't making plays, but now the coach is giving us chances to make big plays."

As far as the offense goes, Leggett hasn't noticed a huge difference in how the offense looks.

"It looks the same to me," Leggett said. "The biggest difference will be the play-calling. We are also doing little things difference like coming off of the ball and running our routes a little different."

Ryan Moore and Darnell Jenkins are the expected starters at wide receiver with Leggett being the number three guy.

Quarterback Kyle Wright likes what he sees from Lance and the trio.

"All of those guys are really stepping up and Lance is just burning guys deep," Wright said.

Leggett already sees a difference in Wright this spring.

"I think it helps him having a quarterback coach and you can see he is throwing the ball much better," said Leggett.

In addition to a new offensive coordinator Leggett and the rest of the receivers have a new coach, Marques Mosely.

"He is a real good coach," Leggett said. "He isn't the type that is going to yell at you. I thought it was going to be tougher, but it is not. Everything C.J. told us, he tells us the same thing."

Practice resumes Tuesday at 3:20 p.m., but remains closed to the public.

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