Trump Has a Bright Future

Redshirt freshman guard A.J. Trump entered the spring as second on the depth chart behind Andrew Bain. Last season, Trump was praised by the coaching staff for his talent and hard work.

Interview with A.J. Trump

How did the scrimmage go on Saturday?

"The scrimmage went pretty well for the offensive line, though I think that we need to get better running the ball. We did well with pass protection and scored a touchdown or two, so it felt pretty good. I am with the second unit right now and I get a rep with the first unit every once in a while, but I feel like I am not quite ready to play with the ones right now.'

What was the fall like? Did you learn anything during your redshirt year?

"It went well, but the redshirt sucks. It is one of those things in life you have to deal with and I have an opportunity to start this year, so it is good to get that year of sitting out of the way. I learned just how to be a college football player really, it is a lot different from playing in high school. There are new concepts to learn and you have to adjust to the speed of the game."

What kind of strength gains have you seen in the weight room since your freshman year?

"Swassey is the best strength coach in the country. He has got me squatting 500 pounds. I am just getting stronger, bigger, and faster.I came in squatting about 400 pounds."

What is your weight?

"I am at about 305-pounds."

What weight would you like to be at for the season?

"Honestly, I do not care. Whatever I can run the quickest at and whatever coach wants me at."

What are your impressions of Coach Cristobal?

"He is a real awesome dude. He has got a lot of energy. He is always teaching and making sure we are out there running around and having fun, but also using the right technique and hitting hard."

What type of personality does he bring to practice?

"The best way to explain it is…he's crazy."

With a new coach this season, is there a sense from the offensive line unit that everyone gets a fresh start?

"Even with the staff as a whole. Everybody is excited that we get to prove ourselves and show that we are ready to play."

How are the four other offensive linemen that come in with you as part of the recruiting class progressing.

"We are all doing very well. The guy that has probably made the most progress is Chris Barney. He is getting a lot better he just has to get his steps down. Me and Matt are playing the guards and Reggie is obviously the number one guy. We are going to be a solid core for the next couple of years and it should be a lot of fun."

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