Pou Preparing for Senior Season

Alex Pou is one of two seniors returning this season for the offensive line at the University of Miami. Pou, a guard/center, is regarded as one of the more athletic linemen on the team.

This spring, with a new offensive line coach, Pou has gotten a fresh start to earn playing time next season and move up the depth chart. So far, Pou is really excited about what he has learned and seen from Coach Cristobal.

"He is a lot better, I think," Pou said. "He is a lot more detailed and he works with players so much better. He helps us understand a lot more and players are getting things quicker. He is an intense guy and he is serious. He knows when to get on us, but he also knows when to back off us a little bit. He knows we will be affected by how he approaches us in practice."

Pou says that with the new coaching style, results have come on the practice field. Normally, spring football is a time when the defense dominates, but Pou says this year things have been a little different.

"We are actually progressing really well," Pou said. "Usually when we get out here, the defense is kicking our butt everyday. But when we first came out here we were breaking off some nice runs and getting some deep passes."

Some of the success, Pou believes, can be attributed to a stronger camaraderie among the offensive line this year. It is a bond that has proven, in Pou's opinion, to make this years offensive line further along than last season's line at the same point in the spring.

"We are looking way better," Pou said. "I think we are a lot tighter this year. The whole offensive line as a group is real tight. We all understand each other and we are learning to trust the guy next to you."

Pou says the main thing he needs to improve this spring is finishing blocks until the play is over. He currently weighs about 288 pounds and would like to be in the 290-pound range for next season.

The offensive line currently has 12 players that are in their junior seasons are younger. Out of all the young talent around him, Pou has been impressed by the big improvements and progress from fellow guards A.J. Trump and Matt Pipho.

"The younger guys are stepping up big time," Pou said. "A.J. Trump has done a really good job so far and so has Matt Pipho. They are playing like upperclassmen right now. They have both stepped up technique-wise and their understanding of the game."

With a new coach and a fresh start for his senior season, Alex Pou is excited about 2006. The offensive line, though young, is coming together and is performing better than offensive lines have in the past few springs.

"Everything is good right now," Pou said. "We have a new offensive line coach. We are just getting used to the new coaching styles and how to execute the coach's new schemes. It is basically just the same stuff, just getting used to working with new guys and a different coach."

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