WR Has UM in His Family

Keon Strachan was one of the top big play wide receivers in South Florida as a junior last season. He finished the season with 28 receptions for 506 yards and five touchdowns.

At 5-foot-10 and 170 pounds, Keon Strachan is quickly emerging as one of the top receivers in the area. "I have good speed and I have the ability to make the big play when my team needs it," Strachan said. "I'm all about making plays."

The talented receiver is getting recruited by several Div 1 schools already. He mentions four that he likes most.

"My top ones are Miami, Florida State, Texas, and Pittsburgh. Florida State and Texas are great schools. Pittsburgh seems to be the most interested, as they're sending me the most stuff. Miami is a great program and that's where 90-percent of my family went to school."

The talented receiver plans on going to camps at Pitt and UM this summer.

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