Eric Houston Q&A

Eric Houston enters his second season as a Miami Hurricane after leading Dade County with 110 solo tackles as a senior at Coral Reef HS.

Coach Coker praised the linebacker for their performance in Saturday's scrimmage, how do you feel the unit did?

"In general we all are having a good spring. Everybody has been learning a lot."

How are you doing this spring?

"This is my first spring and I'm getting a chance to learn the defense because I came in hurt in the fall. It was a struggle at first, but I'm sitting down asking questions and learning things."

You played in seven games last year, how would you evaluate your season?

"I was disappointed at first when I got hurt right before camp was about to start. But then I healed up quickly. I was supposed to redshirt, but they asked me if I wanted to play some special teams and I was happy with that. The season was good for me and I had a couple of tackles."

Was there a moment from the season that stood out to you?

"Against Duke coach put me and Spencer Adkins in on defense and we weren't expecting it at all. It was good to get out on the field with him. It was crazy. We were just standing on the sideline and coach said 'you two, get ready, you are about to go in'. We just went out there and did our thing for a couple of plays."

Coming into spring practices what was your mentality like and your goals for the spring?

"I just wanted to get my mechanics better and learn the scheme better. I want to get to the point where I don't think and I just react, react, react. I just wanted to be a better disciplined football player so I could start."

What position have you been playing this spring and what is your current height/weight?

"I play SAM and I go to WILL sometimes. Right now I am 6-foot-2 and 230 pounds. In the fall I would like to get up to 235 or 240 pounds if I can get there and still be fast." How has coach Shannon been as a linebackers coach?

"It has helped us immensely especially since he runs the entire defense. He is a genius and is a great coach. He also will help us out anything off the field, which is great."

Talk about the relationship you have with the other linebackers in the 2005 signing class.

"We are all close regardless of who gets all of the publicity. We all hang out together and go out on the weekends. We all learn toether and we might sneak off to the corner to study some plays. I think we will be a great unit once we are all playing because we all hang out together."

How much fun have you been having being a Hurricane?

"I love it. Coming here was a dream to me. Being here and experiencing it with a chance to play and be a starter in the Orange Bowl is fantastic, I love it."

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