Position Change Permanent for Rochford?

Due to the shortage of tight ends and fullbacks on offense, junior offensive lineman John Rochford has been asked to make the switch to fullback and occasionally. Rochford discussed his recent position change.

How has the spring been going for you so far?

"The spring is going good so far. I have been working out and playing hard. I love the new coaching staff, they are a great group of guys that want to win, so I am just excited for next year."

Talk about you recent change to fullback.

"The coaches switched me up, I am playing fullback, H-back, and tight end on short yardage and goal line situations. It is just a good opportunity for me to get on the field. I am so excited, I like to play and I like to hit people, so they are giving me a chance."

Will this change be permanent?

"I don't know yet, I have not really talked with the coaches about that. It sounds like it is going to be, because they need a guy there. But, I am still a long-snapper too."

Are you still practicing with the offensive line?

"I am strictly full time with the running backs. I am with them in their meetings, learning the offense."

What has been the toughest adjustment from offensive line to fullback?

"It is more running and stuff like that, but I have always been a pretty decent athlete. I just love hitting people and I guess they saw that on film and they gave me a shot back there. It is definitely a different position, you have to be a lot smarter. Right now I am just playing football. They want me to get after guys, so I am just going to go out there and do it."

Did you play fullback in high school?

"I played a little tight end in high school and played the goal line tight end in high school. I was never in the backfield, but my freshman year I played fullback on the scout team and I did pretty well. I think that is one of the reasons they are giving me a shot there next season."

What is your weight right now?

"Right now I am at 290 pounds, but I am moving pretty good. If I move to fullback permanently, I will have to cut some weight down."

Will you primarily be a blocking fullback, or can you be used as part of the offense also?

"They need a guy to come in there and block, but I can move a little bit, and I have decent hands so I can be a threat in getting the ball too. They are looking for guys that want to play and I am one of those guys."

Are you long snapping for field goals and punts?

"I am just doing punts right now. That is going well, I have been snapping pretty decent. I have to keep that up because I know that is important too."

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