Hendricks Hopes to Return Soon

Sophomore defensive tackle Dwayne Hendricks is a talented young defensive lineman who suffered an elbow and foot injury in the 2005 season and slowed his development.

Dwayne Hendricks came to UM as a light defensive tackle, but since his injury he has put on considerable weight in his upper body. Hendricks has spent the spring rehabilitating from a foot injury and he hopes to return to action in the final week of spring practices.

What type of injury do you have in your foot?

"I broke a bone in my left foot and they had to put two screws in it."

When did you injure your foot?

"I injured it last summer, but I played on it during the fall and made it worse."

How long have you been rehabbing it?

"I had surgery in December and I did not start running on it until two weeks ago. I might be able to practice next week though."

You have been able to watch the defensive line. What are your impressions from them so far?

"This defensive line is just as good as any d-line before, if not better. We have some big defensive ends and big tackles. We are just big up front."

What is your weight now?

"I am at 290 pounds."

What do you want to be at for the season?

"I do not want to go any lower than 287 pounds."

So you have gained weight since last season?

"When I played last year I was like 270 to 275 pounds at most. Just being hurt and not being active, I gained weight. I am going to try to keep it on now and stay active."

Are you able to lift weights right now?

"I have been lifting pretty regularly, except on my squats and lower body. I have actually gotten stronger in my upper body so that is a plus."

What are your impressions of the new coaches?

"They are good coaches. They definitely know what they are talking about. They are big on technique and fundamental stuff and that is what we need to be better as a unit."

What type of personality does Coach Palermo have?

"Coach Palermo is old school, but he knows what he is talking about. That is what we need, somebody who has been doing it for a while and knows what they are talking about."

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