10 Questions with Brian Monroe

Brian Monroe enters his final season as a Miami Hurricane with a current punting average of 39.2 yards per punt in his three years as the team's punter.

Question #1: How was practice today?

Monroe: It went all right. I caught some balls, but I dropped some in individuals, but that was just a lack of concentration.

Question #2: We've talked it before, but how much fun are you having out here at wide receiver?

Monroe: It is a lot of fun. It is one more thing to do besides punting. It gets me in the scene a little bit more and keeps me active.

Question #3: How would you assess your peformance this spring?

Monroe: I can't grade myself as a true wide receiver, but I am doing good. I am picking up the offense, but I still make mental mistakes because I haven't played the position a lot. I am just picking it up as it goes by listening to coach and the different techniques.

Question #4: What has been the toughest adjustment playing the wide receiver position for someone like you that doesn't have a lot of experience?

Monroe: I think just picking up the plays more and learning the little things about receiver.

Question #5: Talk about your receivers coach, Marques Mosely, and what is he like?

Monroe: Coach Mosely is a good guy and he knows a lot about the game and the position, so I am learning a lot.

Question #6: Do you expect to play wide receiver in the fall?

Monroe: I would hope to get in some, but I am just here to help the team out as much as I can.

Question #7: How much punting are you still able to do and what are you working?

Monroe: I punt every day. It is going good. I am still working on my consistently and drop--that is what you always work on.

Question #8: How would you compare your new special teams coach Joe Pannunzio to former coach Don Soldinger.

Monroe: I think they are similar because they are both outspoken guys and they will tell you what they are thinking. They are both loud and they both speak out. It is not really a drop off.

Question #9: What was the reason behind changing from number 39 to 15?

I have always wanted to change my number since I got here. I wanted number 11 when I first got here, but one of the linebackers who was supposed to come here wanted it. And now DajLeon Farr has it.

Question #10: This is your senior year, has it hit you yet?

Monroe: It has gone pretty fast. You wake up one day and it hits you 'this is my last year'. It is just crazy how fast it goes.

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