Mabry Looking to Contribute

This spring, redshirt freshman Jerrell Mabry is the only returning fullback on UM's roster from the 2005 season.

Jerrell Mabry reportedly came into spring practice weighing a hefty 290 pounds, but he says he has a plan in place to shave the weight off.

"Me and Swasey talked one on one," Mabry said. "He gave me a little dietary advice and so far I have stuck to it and it has worked. I have lost weight since the spring started."

Mabry now says he is down to about 275 pounds and by the start of next season, he would like to be at about 255.

He says that he put the weight on because of an LCL sprain he suffered in his knee and also quad tendonitis.

"Last year I missed most of the summer and some of the scout team during the season with the knee problems," Mabry said. "When I get back into shape, they will increase my role more. I missed the morning runs in the offseason, so that hurt me a little bit."

Mabry says he is excited about what role the fullback will play in the new offense brought in by coordinator Rich Olson. The fullback will still be used in the offense and Mabry believes the "role has been increased and it is more important."

Working with Coach Olson, who also coaches the running backs, has been a pleasant experience for Mabry this spring.

"He is almost similar to coach Soldinger in that he stays on you and he tries to make you do the right thing, but he knows you are going to make mistakes and he just says, ‘ok you made this mistake, next time lets not make that mistake again,'" Mabry said.

"He is in your face, but he always give you a chance to correct it. He wants me to work on finishing my blocks."

Blocking for three running backs this spring, Mabry has come away the most impressed with junior Charlie Jones. With Tyrone Moss out for the spring, Jones has been working with the first unit. Mabry likes Jones' consistency and ability to always gain yards.

"Charlie Jones has great quick feet," Mabry said. "All you have to do is seal a block and he will cut off it He is easy to block for, because he helps set the block up for you."

Mabry feels like when he can finally shed the weight that he has gained, the coaches will finally be able to see his talent.

"I can catch the ball, I can block, and I can run between the tackles," Mabry said. "On third down and goal I feel like that is me. I just have to get back in shape and prove it to the coaches."

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