WR May Be No. 1 Nationally

Kayne Farquharson didn't play a single down of high school football at Homestead High. A 2002 graduate, Farquharson helped raise his two younger sisters instead.

"My mom was a single mom trying to raise kids and put food on the table," Farquharson said. "I saw how difficult it was for her so I made a sacrifice. Instead of playing sports that I loved, I stayed home and helped raise my two younger sisters. My mom was working two jobs and she didn't have the time to watch them so I had to put family first and be a man about it. God has definitely blessed me as a result of that."

In the fall of 2003, Farquharson went to work. He helped put food on the table. He helped pay the bills. In the meantime, he started thinking about a football career. Having played pick up games on the street with his friends, he knew he had the ability.

"Whenever we'd play pick up games, I thought I had the ability to play in college but I knew it would be hard since I never even played in high school."

That's when the talented receiver started going to a Fellowship of Christian Athletes Camp at Harris Field in Miami.

"It all started at Harris Field," he said. "One of the guys there discovered me. He said he had ties to a Junior College in California and asked if I'd be interested in going."

Being one of the premier Juco's in America, El Camino and its coaches weren't exactly excited about the idea of having a player coming in with no football experience. That changed after the first scrimmage.

"They gave me a chance and in my first scrimmage, I had 6 catches for 120 yards and a touchdown," he said. "I made it look easy. I've been a starter ever since."

In his first year of organized football, Kayne Farquharson had 25 receptions for 380 yards and five touchdowns. He also had a 35-yard rushing touchdown and scored four times on 21 punt and kick returns (averaging 14 per touch). Farquharson talked about his game.

"I can run the deep game," he said. "I run precise routes. I have good size, speed, and leaping ability. I can block. I make tough catches when the game's on the line. I can run a 4.4 all day long. I return kicks and punts. I'm the total package and I'm only warming up."

Farquharson, 6-foot-2 and 187 pounds, said his numbers could have been a lot better.

"We were blowing people out like 62-7 and we had 14 Division 1 players on the team," he said. "I didn't get to play many games into the second half. I could easily have over 1,000 yards this season."

A Preseason Juco All-American, Farquharson is on track to graduate in December and start at a 4-year college in January.

"Oregon State, Kentucky, and Washington have offered me so far," he said. "A lot of schools are real interested. I'm interested in LSU and Auburn. But if everything works out with my academic situation, then I'll be a Miami Hurricane in 2007.

The talented receiver talked more about the Hurricanes.

"Curtis Johnson offered me before he left for the Saints," he said. "Now I've been talking to Coach Mosley and Coach Olson. They're starting the recruiting process over again and if everything works out with my grades, I'll be at UM in January. I can't wait. I bleed Orange and Green. I have a lot of respect for Darnell Jenkins and Ryan Moore and Lance Leggett but I am going to destroy the ACC when I get there. I'm trying to be the best receiver in the nation in 2007. I can't wait because that's where my heart's at."

Stay tuned, as Scout.com will post video clips of Farquharson sometime within the next two weeks so you can see for yourself why the writer of this story believes Farquharson can potentially be a first round draft pick.

"God has truly blessed me through all of this," he said. "I pray every night and thank him for the opportunities he's given me."

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