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Redshirt freshman tackle Chris Barney did not receive much playing time in the beginning of the spring because he was somewhat buried on the depth chart. Barney look considerably more fit as he has improved his conditioning since he first arrived at UM. The following are his thoughts on the spring.

How has the spring been going for you?

"In the beginning, it was a little rough because I wanted to get a lot of practice in. But after talking to all the coaches and everything, I am starting to get more reps. They are giving me time to learn more stuff as we go along."

Why weren't you playing that much?

"I have no clue. Coach Cristobal didn't realize that he wasn't playing me as much as he should have been, but it wasn't anything serious really."

What tackle position are you working out of?

"Both tackles."

What unit are you working with?

"I am working with the second and third team."

What was the biggest thing you learned during your redshirt last season?

"I learned a lot, but it really doesn't mean anything because we have a new offensive system. We are all learning that, but with the strength and conditioning I have gotten better hands down."

How has the progress been from the offensive line this spring?

"The progress has been very good. Everyday we are getting better. We have people like Cyrim Wimbs, Chris Rutledge, AJ Trump and Matt Pipho all stepping up and becoming better players. We need to get better because when the time comes for a 16 play drive at the end of the game and the first team is tired, we will have to be able to replace them."

Which offensive lineman has improved the most this spring?

"I would have to say Anthony Wollschlager hands down. He has been getting better, even though he was already good. He is getting better and better. Him Andrew Bain, Alex Pou and Derrick Morse have all made the biggest strides this spring. I would have to say Anthony Wollschalger separated himself from the pack."

What is your weight?

"Right now I am weighing a good 340 pounds. When I got here, I weighed almost 365 pounds. I have been trying to cut 25 pounds since that so it has been going pretty good for me. Right now I am trying to lose even more weight so I can get down into the 320 pound range when the season comes."

What kind of difference has working with Coach Swasey had on your conditioning?

"It has been a big difference. From what I have seen from Andreu Swassey, he has been able to get people's weight down and a lot of people become stronger and faster. When you look at the pros that come from UM and they are just better because down here the strength program is serious. Coach Swassey has helped me a lot by pushing me. I am still trying to get better conditioning wise, but I am getting there."

What are your impressions of Coach Cristobal?

"I always knew he was a great guy since he recruited me when he was a Rugters. As a Coach he is better because you can go and talk to him and he will not mess around with you. He is not going to tell you no lies, he will be straight with you. "

What is his personality like?

"He is crazy wild. When it is time, he gets down to work. You can joke around with him at times, but when it comes time for business, you cannot be playing all of the time."

What types of things does he do differently than you guys were taught last season?

"He preaches technique a lot more than I heard in the past couple of years—I have been coming here and watching the offensive line practice before I got here—and last year. He has been preaching putting your foot on the ground and punching at the same time, using your hands, and shuffling your feet."

What is the strength of your game?

"I would say that I am a better run blocker than I am at pass blocking. I have to work on my kick a lot in the passing game, but I have been working on it and it has gotten better since the beginning of spring."

What defensive lineman has impressed you the most this spring?

Baraka hands down. He is just smart. He can get off the ball like he knows when the snap count is.

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