LB Demetri Stewart Q&A

Redshirt freshman Demetri Stewart came to UM after graduating a semester early from Northeast High School last spring as a 17-year-old, 195-pound linebacker. Now that Stewart has been in the program for a little over a year, he is bigger, faster, and stronger.

How has the spring been going for you?

"Spring has been going real good. I am starting to play downhill more and pick up plays better."

You have been here for one full year now, talk about what you have learned in the last year?

"When I first came in here last spring, I was thinking too much and not reacting like I should have been. Now I am concentrating more on just playing football, running downhill and making plays."

What did you learn last year as a redshirt?

"Going up against the first team offense everyday helps tremendously. Going up against starters all year made me better at fitting through the gaps and hitting bigger people."

What were your goals and expectations heading into the spring practices?

"I wanted to get some more reps in practice so I can show everybody what I can do. I wanted to make some plays and get on the board."

What linebacker position are you working at?

"I am at WILL right now."

What is Coach Shannon like as a position coach?

"Coach Shannon is real hands on. If you mess up, he will let you know. Also if you do something good, he will get up in your face and celebrate with you—I like that."

What is his personality like?

"He is laidback until you mess up."

What does he want you to work on this spring?

"He just wants me to work on gong downhill."

What is your weight right now?

"I am at 215 pounds right now. I came in at 195 pounds. I have put the weight on mostly in the upper body because my lower body was already pretty strong. I hurt my shoulder in high school so I wasn't really strong in the upper body, but now the strength is evening out."

What type of strength gains have you seen since high school?

"My bench in high school was ridiculous because I never really lifted in high school because of my shoulder. Now, I have maxed out at 265 pounds benching and my squat is up to 385 pounds. I am getting a lot stronger."

What weight do you want to be at for the season?

"For the season I want to get up to 220 or 225 pounds."

What do you feel like the strengths of your game are?

"I am fast. I am one of the fastest linebackers on the team. I feel like if I can use my speed and go down hill a lot more, I'll be a lot better. My strength is definitely my speed."

Which of the younger linebackers have impressed you this spring?

"Darryl Sharpton and Spencer Adkins. Daryl can hit the gap going full speed every time and he makes a lot of plays. Spencer does that too. They are both very athletic."

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