Pipho Adds Weight

When University of Miami redshirt freshman Matt Pipho arrived on campus last July for the summer workouts, he looked more like a tight end than an offensive lineman.

Matt Pipho entered the summer workouts weighing 265 pounds, but as soon as he started doing all the lifting and running in the hot summers of South Florida, Pipho's weight dropped down to "around 255 to 250 pounds."

Pipho has since made tremendous strides in the weight room and looks remarkably bigger than he did in the fall. He is now up to a solid 295 pounds. At 6-foot-7, Pipho has the frame to carry even more weight.

"I just want to keep gaining weight in a healthy way," Pipho said. "I have kept my body fat pretty much the same. As long as I can gain weight and keep body weight the same, I will be fine."

Pipho says that his squat "has gone way up" since high school, from 375 pounds to now 425 pounds.

The biggest adjustment for Pipho during his time at UM has been learning how to pass protect. In high school, Pipho's team hardly ever pass protected.

"In high school, I pass protected zero times," Pipho said. "Whenever we pass protected, we would just do a run blocking scheme and then pass."

This spring has been a learning experience for the offensive linemen, as the offense has put in new plays each week. Pipho says that the offensive line has a tendency to start slow during scrimmage situations, but as the scrimmage progresses, the unit settles down and the offense, "starts moving the ball a little better."

"I think we have all improved," Pipho said. "Last year there were four seniors starting, so a lot of the young guys did not get much time."

Pipho describes new offensive line coach Mario Cristobal as a "fiery" coach. "Coach Cristobal has been on me pretty good, but I think that is the best way I learn so I am pretty happy about that," Pipho said.

"My strength on the football field is that I hope I am coachable. Whenever Coach Cristobal tells me to do something I try to do it as hard as I can and give 100 percent effort."

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