Back in Town

Maurice Harris was a starting safety at Homestead High School as a sophomore in 2004. Then he moved to Georgia to live with his mother for the '05 season.

"Georgia football wasn't for me," Harris laughed. "It's not the same -- not even close. The competition's not the same. I'm back in Homestead now and will play here my senior season."

Maurice Harris, who stands 6-foot-1 and 190 pounds, was a standout performer as a sophomore. He finished the year with 50 tackles and two picks. He had an up and down year playing in Georgia in 05.

"The first two games I had 40 tackles and then after that I got sluggish, had some injuries and just didn't have the year I wanted to have," he said.

Now a linebacker, Harris will be a key player for head coach Bobby McCray this coming season.

"He's a great athlete," McCray said. "He's only 16. He has all the tools. We expect big things from him this season."

Harris is a bit undersized to play linebacker but he expects to grow into the position, especially since he's just 16.

"I'll get bigger," he said. "I aint even worried about that. As a linebacker, I have the edge in quickness. I can play DB and I can hit. I want to be the total package."

Harris is already getting lots of interest from college coaches. He hasn't paid too much attention to all the mail but he does have some early favorites.

"I've only opened three letters so far and I get a bunch of them," he said. "N.C. State is my favorite. I liked when they recruited my brother (Mark Harris) a few years ago. They'll be my first visit. I also like Miami, Florida State, and Florida."

The talented linebacker spoke more about the hometown Hurricanes.

"UM is right around the corner," he said. "I love it there but I've been here all my life and I wanna see something new. They have good coaches there and a lot of their players go to the NFL so if I decide to stay it's a great place but I wanna explore other options first."

Harris plans on attending the All-American Combine in Boca Raton on May 13.

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