Catching up with Jonathan St. Pierre

Sophomore offensive lineman Jonathan St-Pierre has been held out of spring practices.

Jonathan St-Pierre has been held out of spring practices because he has come down with mononucleosis. St-Pierre talked about his bout with the illness and his thoughts on the offensive line and the new coach.

What has been holding you out of spring practices?

"I have mononucleosis. I only practiced the first two days of camp. I was sick for a month before that and I went to the doctor and he said that I had mono. I feel a little week. The doctor said that if I got hit in the spleen that it could burst and that it would be pretty dangerous to play."

How much longer will you be sidelined?

"I have three more weeks of rest and then I will go back to lifting weights and all the regular things I am used to doing. Right now I am pretty much just resting and studying for my classes, there is no medication for mono. I have been jogging a little and that has been about it."

How is the offensive line looking?

"They are progressing very well. It is nice to see guys from my recruiting class on the first team right now. They are doing very well and I am very proud of them right now."

Can you single out one guy who has impressed you the most?

"I have been impressed by everybody. There is a lot of enthusiasm right now. All the offensive linemen have a good chemistry with one another."

What are your impressions of Coach Cristobal?

"We already knew him because he has been a coach here for two years. He has definitely fulfilled our expectations. He is a high energy coach and has brought in some new things so we are all happy with him."

Is he teaching or doing anything differently than you guys have learned in the past?

"Playing offensive line never really changes. He just brings a lot of his background as a player here and his NFL background."

What type of personality does he coach with?

"His personality is very energetic. His enthusiasm spreads to all the players. He is always pumped up in the meetings and with the new plays and all that. We are all getting excited about that too."

What position would you be working out if you weren't sick?

"Mainly I am a center, but with the depth chart right now they would have probably put me at right guard."

What is your weight now and what would you like to be at for the season?

"I am at about 310 pounds. For the season I would like to get a little lighter than that, maybe at 300 pounds."

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