DL Rhyan Anderson Q&A

Redshirt sophomore defensive end Rhyan Anderson's spring has been cut short by a torn labrum on his right shoulder. Anderson underwent the same shoulder surgery on his left shoulder in 2004. Anderson talked briefly about his injury situation.

Rhyan Anderson Q&A

How has your injured shoulder recovering?

"It is bad, but not as bad as my last one was. I had the same injury on the other shoulder—the labrum was torn."

How did you injure the shoulder?

"I think the shoulder has been injured and it just got worse. I think I originally hurt it during two-a-days my freshman year during the summer."

When did you have the surgery?

"I had the surgery on April 3rd."

What did you want to work on this spring before you got injured?

"Mostly I need to improve my footwork and finishing to the ball."

What do you feel like are the strengths of your game?

"I feel like I am pretty fast. I am one of the fastest defensive linemen."

What weight are you at now?

"I am at 270 pounds."

Have you gained weight or lost weight since the end of the season?

"I have been eating more since the end of last season and I have gained five pounds. I was at 265 pounds."

How has the defensive line been looking this spring?

"We have always had a good defensive line, but this is probably the best defensive line since I have been here."

What is your new defensive line coach John Palermo like?

"He wants what is best for us, so he tries to make us perfect in every aspect of our game. He is kind of hard on us, but he is a cool guy."

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