Don't Count Out CB Rashaun Jones

Hurricanes fans: Do not count out Rashaun Jones next season, because he just might be the second or third cornerback on the depth chart for UM.

Rashaun Jones has been held out of contact for all of spring practices, but a big question mark that has still been left unanswered this spring is who will be the number two cornerback next season?

At 6-foot-1, 200 pounds Jones—a junior next season—has the size and experience that coaches look for at one of the defense's toughest positions.

Jones has primarily been a special teams standout as a gunner during his UM career. But, as Hurricanes fans saw last year from cornerback Marcus Maxey, never count out an upperclassman on any depth chart.

Jones may not have the fanfare of the rest of his defensive back teammates, but he does have the drive, determination, and experience to make a strong push for some serious playing time next year at cornerback.

Don't count Rashaun Jones out.


What type of shoulder injury do you have?

"I tore the labrum muscle in my shoulder."

When did you tear it?

"I tore it in practice last fall."

When was your surgery?

"I had surgery in January."

When do you expect to be back at full strength?

"I expect to be back for 7-on-7's for during the summer."

How have the defensive backs been looking this spring?

"We have a lot of talent in the secondary. We are young, but overall I think we are a good unit. We are better than last year. We definitely have the talent to be better than last year."

What position on defense are you working out of?

"I am going to be playing corner."

And you are returning punts also this spring?

"Yes, I am working as the second team punt returner."

How frustrating is it to not be able to go full speed during practice?

"I am very limited on what I can do. My shoulder is not strong yet so I do not want to re-tear the muscle. I do not want to stretch it the wrong way or use my hand to jam the receiver because then it could get messed up again."

What weight are you at now?

"I am at 200 pounds."

What do you want to be at for the season?

"I want to be at 205 pounds for the season."

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