'Baby J' Watches UM Spring Game

Running back Javarris James is a 2006 Miami signee from Immokalee.

Why did you come over to watch the spring game today?

"I wanted to watch the spring game, because I haven't been able to catch any of the practices because of my track meets. I finally had a day off and I was able to come watch them play."

What did you see from the running backs today?

"Even though they didn't show much on offense, the running backs all ran pretty good. Charlie Jones had a couple of nice runs. Derron had a couple of tough runs and Andrew Johnson is pretty fast. It was good to see Coach Olsen and the running backs are all working hard."

How are you preparing for your career at UM right now?

"I am working out every day of the week. I am running at track practice and I am just trying to get ready for the competition at UM."

What are you running in track?

"Right now I am on the 4X100 meter team, we just made it to regionals. We are trying to get to and win the state meet. I am down to a time of 11-flat, so I am getting faster. I am running the third leg."

What kind of work are you putting in the weight room?

"I have lost a couple of pounds. I was at 215 pounds, but now I am at 205 pounds. I am not trying to go in too heavy, because I know they are going to put a lot of muscle on me. I am not trying to be too big—I don't want to be converted to a fullback."

What weight do you want to be at when you get to UM?

"I want to come in at about 210 pounds."

When do you plan on arriving at UM?

"I am looking to be there early June, the first week of June. I just want to get there as early as I can."

What are your expectations going into your freshman year?

"I expect to redshirt the first year. I am going to try to learn. I am going to have my ears open and try to learn everything from everybody, the running backs and coaches. High school football and college football are completely different. I am not going in with a big head, I am going in with the mindset that I want to learn."

So you are ok with redshirting?

"Yeah, that is no problem."

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