Pennsylvania WR Likes UM

Toney Clemons is a 6-foot-3, 185-pound wide receiver from New Kensington, Pa.

Currently how is your GPA?

"My GPA is going well right now, its 3.0."

And your SAT score?

"We get our scores on the 24th. I took it on the 1st. I feel positive about it. I thought for my first time it went well. I learned you really have to strategize and take your time."

How was your junior season for you?

"My season went well. I had 79 receptions for 666 yards and 13 touchdowns. As a team we went to the second round of the playoffs and finished with an 8-3 record. I think we will have a better year next season. We have a lot of key guys coming back. We will have a new quarterback who can play just as well as our quarterback we had this season if not better."

What other sports do you play?

"I run track and play basketball. I run a 10.9 100 meters. So far this season is going well. I am predicted to win state in the long hurdles. I finished second my sophomore year. I am doing well. It has been a good start I just have to continue to improve. The weather just broke so that should really help my times improve."

What makes you different as a player than everyone else at that position?

"Truly, I think my ability to listen and learn fast makes me different than everyone else. I don't feel I know everything. I always know I can do something better. The first part of being a good player is knowing what you need to do to get better. I have that knowledge and I don't think a lot of people do."

Who are your early favorites?

"Actually I am wide open. Really there are no favorites."

What is important for you when considering where you will play at the next level?

"I look at academics, players at my position, playing time, campus life, and overall coaching staff."

In terms of recruiting who is coming after you aggressively?

"They are all coming as hard as the next one. Pitt., Michigan, Ohio State, Ole Miss., Miami, Akron and many others. They all are coming hard. It slowed up a bit due to spring ball but it should come back soon."

Have you been on any visits yet?

"I went to Akron the other day. It was a good visit. This weekend I am going to the spring game at Ohio State, but it is hard to go on visits because I am busy with track."

What do you think about Miami?

"I think it would be great to play at Miami. It is an ideal school. They always have a good team and have a great football tradition. It looks like some place I could play and fit in. Who doesn't like Miami?"

Has Miami been in close contact with you?

"They have sent me a lot of mail. But I have not been contacted by a coach yet. I sent them some film so I think they will come."

Do you yet have any plans for summer camps?

"Actually I don't have any camp plans yet, but I am going to really have to think about it soon. I need to see where my mom wants to send me. But I do plan on attending a few just not sure where yet."

In closing, is there anything you would like fans to know about you?

"I want people to know I take pride in being a hard worker and that grades are the key. I am a student first and then a football player. I will do the necessary things to get on the field and play."

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