Myles Wade Q&A

Myles Wade is a 6-foot-2, 290-pound defensive tackle from Portland, Ore.

Myles Wade Profile

How are your grades?

"Right now I think I have a 2.8 GPA."

And your SAT score?

"I am going to take it May 6th. I have been studying with my parents to prepare. They have helped me a lot. If I need to I will take it a few times. I think I will do pretty well on it."

How did your team do this past season?

"We were 3-6 on the season."

Individually did you have a good season?

"Individually I did really well. I had about 55 tackles, 8 sacks, 3 recovered fumbles, 3 caused fumbles, and 1 safety."

How does your schools football conference rank in the state of Oregon?

"This coming season we will be in the highest division 6A. Last season we were 4A. I guess do to enrollment we have to change our division."

Did you ever let your teams disappointing record affect your level of play?

"No, I am not going to stop competing just because my team isn't winning. I will always give 100%."

What other sports do you play?

"I do track and field. We are in the middle of the season right now.

How has the season been going for you?

"I am number one in the state in the shot put (53 feet, 1 inch)."

What do you think makes you standout against others at your position?

"My motor never stops. Teams can send all 11 players at me but I will run through them all to get to the ball carrier."

Who are your early favorites?

"Well Oregon State is the only school that has offered so far. Notre Dame is supposed to come see me at my school the first week of May. But I can't really say any favorites."

Have you taken any visits?

"I haven't taken any official visits but I went to the Oregon State and Notre Dame junior days."

What do you think about Miami?

"They sent me mail, but in terms of hand written stuff or text messages nothing like that. Miami is nice. They produce a lot of NFL prospects and have a great school and team. I wouldn't mind playing for the Hurricanes."

Do you have any plans for attending summer camps?

"Yah, I am going to go to Oregon State and then either to the UCLA or USC camp."

Is it important for you to choose a school that is close to your home?

"The advantage of the West coast is being close to my family. If I played in the east or South it would be a long ways away from home. I would have to see how I liked it, but I am not against it by any means."

Are there any players in particular that you model your game after?

"It is kind of hard because they are in the NFL. One would be Casey Hampton from the Steelers; a few others are Anthony Mcfarland from Tampa Bay, and Larry Tripplett from Buffalo. Like me all of them are run stopping, pass rushing defensive tackles."

In closing is there anything you would like people to know about you?

"I would like to say that I am an advocate for Special Olympics. I support it 100%. My sister has Down Syndrome and she is involved with the Special Olympics. I think everyone should be able to be active in sports and I will always help people participate in the Special Olympics."

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