Super OL Gets UM Offer

This super talented offensive line prospect made it very clear that he's very interested in the University of Miami. Fortunately for him, he said he was recently blessed with a scholarship offer from UM. He talks all about the Hurricanes in this interview.

The University of Miami has not enjoyed a whole lot of success in recent years when trying to recruit offensive linemen from the Midwest Region. However, that hasn't stopped them from going after St. Paul (Minn) Cretin Derham Hall standout Ryan Harris.

At 6-foot-4 ½ and 250 pounds, the super talented offensive lineman was even told by UM coaches about the lack of recruiting success with offensive linemen in his part of the country.

"Miami didn't even call me in May," Harris said. "They told me at camp that they were hesitant about offensive linemen in the Midwest because they've had a lot of trouble getting them to come down there. I told them I don't mind leaving at all, and that's why I went to camp. I wanted to prove to the Miami coaches that I am willing to leave and that Miami's one of my favorites."

Harris began playing football in 8th grade and actually started his varsity career as a tight end.

"I came in as a freshman and they had me playing tight end," he said. "But after the first few practices in pads, they put me at tackle and I've been playing there ever since."

Harris, who carries a 3.72 GPA and scored a 23 on the ACT, also competes in track and basketball during the off season to stay in shape. Those are more reasons why Harris became one of the most heavily recruited linemen in the region this spring.

"Pretty much everyone in the Midwest called me except for Minnesota which is really weird since it's right here in-state and it's my coach's alma-mater," he said. "I've gotten scholarship offers from USC, Oregon, Iowa, Illinois, Notre Dame, Michigan, Madison (Wisconsin), and I got one from Miami, too. There's a rule saying schools can not officially offer scholarships at summer camps but they said I have one so I should be getting it real soon."

Speaking of the UM camp, it's one that Harris dominated, which was extremely impressive considering the amount of talent among both sides of the line.

"The talent level at the Miami camp was unbelievable," he said. "There were probably 15 or 16 Division 1 linemen there and probably 15 more than are 1AA or D2 guys. A few kids that I went up against have already committed there. They were total studs, especially the defensive end (Bryan Pata)."

The super talented offensive lineman was given the award for the camp's top offensive player.

"I was blessed," he said. "That's all God and my coaches that earned me that honor. My offensive line coach played for the Washington Redskins on their Super Bowl team and he has taught me a lot. He taught me the slide step which I was able to use at the Miami camp. When I first learned it, I was always practicing. I'd practice in the mirror at home all the time. I'd practice it going to the refrigerator and I'd practice it going back to the couch. It has almost become second nature for me and that's one of the things that really helped me at Miami's camp."

Harris also displayed excellent quickness, as he turned in a 4.80 40-time on grass at the UM camp, in which several opposing players mentioned to me that Harris was outstanding.

The Minnesota standout said he's going to take his time through the recruiting process to make sure everything goes smoothly.

"I'm thinking about every school that's thinking about me right now," he said. "I want to check out the graduation rates for African Americans. I want to check out the academic reputation, and stuff like that. I would love to be able to visit everyone but the seven I'd like to see the most right now would be USC, Oregon, Miami, Notre Dame, Michigan, Iowa, and Wisconsin."

Harris talked about his meeting with UM coach Larry Coker after the camp.

"I had the chance to meet with Coach Coker," he said. "He said he liked my character and my ability and that they want people like me in their program. He was real nice and professional."

Harris also spent time with offensive line coach Art Kehoe, obviously.

"Coach Kehoe is great," he said. "I like his attitude. He just seems like a great offensive line coach that you'd like to play for."

Harris also came away impressed with the athletic facilities on the UM campus.

"They were pretty nice considering they only have an athletic population of about 375," he said. "They have a beautiful weight room. I've never been big on cleans and they're a clean team but they have a great atmosphere."

Harris said more important than all the recruiting action right now is focusing on winning a state championship.

"I want to win the state title more than anything else," he said. "I want to be able to give all out effort on every play. In football, you can't afford to take one play off because you're letting your teammates down. Every time I take the field, I understand it might be my last so I go all out every play, every week, every game. I'm so pumped for this season to start, you don't know. I can't wait to get things going."

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