Eddy Rodriguez Q&A

Hurricane catcher Eddy Rodriguez leads the team with seven homeruns and a slugging percent of .600. Rodriguez, a junior from Coral Gables, is looking to lead the Hurricanes this weekend as they prepare for a three-game series against Wright State.

How has the season been going lately?

"We were in a little funk there for a while. We lost a big series against North Carolina. They came in and we played tough, but they got the best of us. Then Virginia came in and did the same thing. We went into N.C. State knowing that we are a pretty good team on the road. We went in there at least expecting to win two out of three. We fought and fought. Our offense won the games for us, 9-8 and 12-10--those are ugly wins, but you have to take them however you can get them."

How have you been feeling with your performance, in particular last weekend against N.C. State?

"This weekend I believe I was 3-for-11 or something like that. I am still feeling pretty good about the season. I was in a little funk there for a little bit with my hitting and stuff. But I am seeing the ball fine now. I just need to keep on working and making sure I am strong at the end of the season when it matters the most."

How is the timing of this upcoming series with the break from ACC competition?

"It has been great that we have played a bunch of hard teams at the end. Our record hasn't been too good against them, but I don't think our record means as much as we played top competition. With Wright State coming in there is obviously a lot of emotion there with Coach Lovelady coming back--he was my coach for a year. It is going to be an emotional weekend, but I am pretty sure they are not going to be a team that just lays down. I just think we have to play hard and play the way we played this past weekend and we will be all right."

Is there a particular reason why you guys have had success on the road in the ACC?

"It's great that we have had success on the road. During my freshman year we had 44 games at home, but since we have been in the ACC we have traveled a lot more. It's great to have success on the road because obviously the College World Series is not in Miami, Florida. This year it will be hard for us to get a regional because of the stadium so it is great we are playing good on the road. We have played against good crowds at FSU and N.C. State, but I guess we just excel under pressure."

As the catcher, how has the pitching staff been coming along?

"We have struggled. As a pitching staff I feel like during our 16-game winning streak our pitching was our strength. And now I feel like it has been one of our weaknesses coming down the stretch. Scott Maine has came up big for us lately and has thrown a couple good games. He is throwing good enough to be pitching on Friday. Right now we just have to get the guys to pitching with confidence that they had at the beginning of the year when they had a swagger on the mound and now I feel like they don't have that swagger. Hopefully with the season bearing down they get tougher in the most important time of the season."

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