Inside the Weight Room with Swasey

CORAL GABLES, Fla. -- The football team went through their spring testing earlier this month and a number of players tested very well. Head strength and conditioning coach Andreu Swasey discussed the team's performance compared to last year.

"I think the most important thing for us during spring testing was the averages for the team that went up," said Swasey, who is entering his sixth season as the head strength and conditioning coach. "Strength-wise we are on point, which is good carrying over into the summer."

The team has improved in a number of different categories, which is a credit to Swasey and the players.

"The thing that I see that is happening over a period time is that every year I think it is important that you try to get better each year," Swasey said. "The guys are really reaping the benefits from our previous guys who have had a lot of success with the program. So going through and evaluating each year I think that we tweak things each year."

The Hurricanes, who are finished with finals, will begin their eight-week summer cycle on June 1. Then they will have a short break before two-a-days begin in early August.

The last two years Miami has a combined record of 18-6 (11-5 in the ACC) after going 23-3 in the two years prior.

"Right now with our standards we are not where we are not there," Swasey said. "I think that is quite clear. We are a championship-type program and we do not settle for less. That goes un-said. We haven't won the ACC since we've joined. We are good, but we are not where we need to be."

The former Carol City High School standout and Baylor grad understands the importance of improving the team's overall athletic strength and speed over the summer, but does not see major adjustments in his summer program.

"I don't think the program needs a wholesale change because of the amount of success we have been having, but yet you also don't want to stay the same," Swasey said. "We are just eagerly tweaking things here and there and concentrating on getting better to put ourselves in a position to win."

When asked if he feels added pressure to get the team ready to win this year, he responded,

"To be honest, the pressure that I have is the pressure that I put on myself. I want to be one of the best in the business and I know our guys want to be the best team. I think it is added pressure for me because each year is a challege for me because of all the new guys we get each year."

Larry Coker hired six new coaches in the off-season, which has put even more attention on the program to win.

"The main thing that I look at is the athletes," Swasey said. "The coaches do a great job regardless, but I think the athletes are the foretell of what is really happening because they are the guys that are getting coached by the coaches. They are the guys that are out there trying to perform and I think the feedback from them has been excellent. They are very excited and feel like they are learning each day and eager to be out there."

Starting in 2005, freshmen were allowed to participate in summer workouts as long as they were enrolled in school during the summer session. This year will be no exception as a number of freshman are expected to be on campus when the second summer session begins June 28.

"That has been a major plus and I think last year we had some guys that benefitted from that like Kenny Phillips," Swasey said. "I think that is a very important tool and I think that helps with the transformation for those guys into a college scenery. What happens is they get drilled during two-a-days, but now they at least have the mental capacity and toughness by understanding how it is going to go before the fall starts."


1. CB Bruce Johnson, 4.34 seconds
2. WR Darnell Jenkins, 4.37 seconds
2. CB Glenn Sharpe, 4.37 seconds
4. WR Terrell Walden, 4.40 seconds
5. RB Andrew Johnson, 4.43 seconds
5. CB Rashaun Jones, 4.43 seconds
7. LB Tavares Gooden, 4.46 seconds
8. TE Greg Olsen, 4.50 seconds
8. RB Derron Thomas, 4.50 seconds
8. LB Willie Williams, 4.50 seconds
8. LB Spencer Adkins, 4.50 seconds
8. WR Lance Leggett, 4.50 seconds

Notes: Leggett tweaked his hamstring while running the 40-yard dash and was the only reported injury during spring workouts. Sharpe and Walden are coming off ACL injuries which is very encouraging with their times.


1. OL Andrew Bain, 600 pounds
2. LB Spencer Adkins, 560 pounds
3. LB Tavares Gooden, 545 pounds
3. DL Bryan Pata, 545 pounds
5. OL Cyrim Wimbs, 515 pounds
5. DL Teraz McCray, 515 pounds
5. FB Jerrell Mabry, 515 pounds

2006 team average: 490 pounds
2005 team average: 411 pounds

Notes: McCray is coming off of a knee injury and lifting 515 is a good sign. Bain is consistently one of the top performers in the squat since arriving to Coral Gables in 2003.


1. FB Mark Lisante, 390 pounds
2. LB Spencer Adkins, 385 pounds
2. OL Andrew Bain, 385 pounds
4. DL Bryan Pata, 380 pounds
5. DL Rhyan Anderson, 375 pounds

2006 team average: 324 pounds
2005 team average: 314 pounds

Notes: Lisante is a walk-on from Jacksonville, Fla. who provided the offense with plenty of energy in the spring after playing on the defensive line in '05. Five players lifted 365 including McCray.


1. TE Greg Olsen, 352 pounds
2. LB Spencer Adkins, 330 pounds
2. DL Calais Campbell, 330 pounds
4. LB Jon Beason, 318 pounds
5. DL Teraz McCray, 313 pounds

2006 team average: 302 pounds
2005 team average: 260 pounds

Notes: Good to see the 6-foot-8 Campbell excel in this category as well as Olsen, who is considered the biggest standout of the spring workouts.


1. CB Rashaun Jones, 41.5"
2. LB Willie Williams, 41.0"
3. WR Khalil Jones, 40.0"
3. LB Tavares Gooden, 40.0"
3. CB Randy Phillips, 40.0"
3. S Lovon Ponder, 40.0"

2006 team average: 38.6"
2006 team average: 32.0"

Notes: Excellent to see three of the top six players are defensive backs. Last year, three Hurricanes had a 40-plus vertical jump.

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