CWS: Live From Omaha! (6/19)

OMAHA, Neb. -- Miami faces Rice tonight at 7:00 p.m. and the excitement is building for this matchup. The winner will be in the driver's seat on their way to appear in the best-of-three championship series, June 24-26.

12:17 PM CT

Talking with Coach Morris yesterday he is obviously confident "outstanding club" that is very talented. He hopes his guys play like they have been and not get too intense or tight like they did in Game 3 at Ole Miss.

More news on Rice starting pitcher Cole St. Clair:

St. Clair has a great arm and throws 90-94 mph on his fastball. He will throw his fastball about 90% of the time and since he is coming out of the pen, he should throw 70-80 pitches.

Miami has a 13-8 (.619) record against lefthanded starters and a 29-14 (.674) against righties. The team batting average against lefties is .308 and against righties it is .315.

Although the average is a bit down as a team, left-handed batters Tommy Giles, Dennis Raben, and Yonder Alonso all have higher batting averages against lefties. Switch-hitter Jemile Weeks has hit all six home runs against lefties and has more power as a righthanded hitter. Jon Jay, another lefthanded bat, is about the same againg lefties.

It should be a great game and I hope everyone tunes in tonight at 7:00 p.m. ET on ESPN2 to cheer for the 'Canes!


2:00 PM CT

Earlier today I found out that I will be on a local radio station here in Omaha, 1420 AM, tomorrow between 5-6 p.m. to talk about the Canes baseball team.

Right now I'm sitting here watching the Georgia/Oregon State game as they go to the bottom of the 4th with OSU leading 4-1.

Georgia's starting pitcher, Mickey Westphal, is a lefty throwing 79-81 mph fastballs and an occasionall curve. Not exactly a recipe for winning at the CWS.
I don't think either of these teams will beat Miami. OSU doesn't have a good enough lineup and Georgia doen't have a good enough pitching staff.

Speaking of the 'Canes, at Friday's practice before their first game I told Scott that he should plan on going a strong eight innings. He responded saying that he wanted to go all nine. Well neither of us were right as he went seven innings, but that was because of the 94-minute weather delay.

Having thrown 90 pitches and allowing just four hits he was likely to go the distance.

Just a little tidbit I thought I'd share.


3:57 PM CT

The team has been here at the stadium taking batting practice with just a little over two hours before the first pitch. Hopefully you are as excited as I am.

Following Saturday's win freshman Dennis Raben talked about the mentality of the team here in Omaha. He said that since they are here "why not win it?" Sounds like a good mentality to go by when you're the underdog.

So the Canes definitely aren't just happy to be here. They want to make a run at winning the school's fifth national championship and tonight is a huge step towards that quest.

I just got done watching the Oregon State/Georiga game as the Beavers won their first CWS game in school history with a 5-3 win.

Congrats to Pat Casey's squad, but I was a bit surprised that Georgia didn't hit better against Jonah Nickerson.

Nickerson, a righty, was throwing 89-91 MPH on his fastball and was throwing his curve in the dirt all day long. The Georgia hitters couldn't catch up to his fastball and were swinging at pitches out of the zone. They had an even harder time being patient at the plate against Rice starter Eddie Degerman.

It's just an observation.

Oregon State will face the loser of the Miami/Rice game on Tuesday at 8 pm ET on ESPN2.


10:31 PM CT

I just finished my recap for and one for the Tampa Tribune. Two completely different angles on the game, that's for sure.

What a game though. Disappointing without a doubt, but I'm confident the 'Canes will beat Oregon State and face Rice again with either Gutierrez or Miguelez on the mound. Maine can be saved for the second Rice game.

Am I looking ahead too much? No. I'm not a player or a coach so I can do those type of things.

Speaking of not being on the team, it does get to me when the team loses. I'm not one of these media members who only cares about the story, angles, deadlines, and just writing (yawn, yawn). And I hope that my passion for the team I'm covering never changes.

After all, isn't sports all about passion and loyalty? I hope so, because I don't plan on changing my thoughts on this university or other teams I cheer for.

So here's to the 'Canes coming back tomorrow with a victory and big ups to Jemile Weeks for stating in the post-game press conference that the team still has their eyes fixed on winning a national championship.

And a few words for Danny Valencia, don't worry about it. You're still a solid hitter and we all remember your huge grand slam last weekend in a clutch situation.

Go Canes!

PS-Miami will be the home team tomorrow for what it's worth.


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