CWS: Live From Omaha! (6/20)

OMAHA, Neb. -- The Miami Hurricanes lost a tough one last night falling 3-2 to Rice, who has now won 39 of their last 42 games. Miami will get another shot at Rice if they beat Oregon State tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET.

3:19 PM CT

I'm back here at Rosenblatt Stadium for day number five at the College World Series.

There has been a lot of great games to watch, but none better than Miami's 11-1 thrashing of Oregon State on Saturday night.

After a tough loss to Rice last night, the 'Canes play OSU again tonight in an elimination game.

Miami had their backs against the wall last weekend after losing to Ole Miss in the first game of the Super Regionals, but rebounded to win the next two at a hostile environment.

I expect them to rebound and put together a solid effort tonight against OSU, who is coming off their first ever CWS victory.

The Clemson/Fullerton game will start in approximately 45 minutes and you can check that out on ESPN2. Clemson was my pick to win the CWS heading into the tournament, we'll see how they do against a stingy Fullerton squad.

Clemson will start RHP Jason Berken (9-3, 2.90) against Fullerton RHP Lauren Gagnier (14-5, 2.52) who threw 43 pitches in 2.1 innings on Friday.


3:29 PM CT

Miami will start RHP Carlos Gutierrez (9-6, 4.08) and Oregon State will start RHP Mike Stutes (7-2, 2.88).

'Goots' has been throwing bullpen sessions for the last two weeks and according to Morris, his arm feels fine.

His last start was on May 19 against Georgia Tech and allowed five runs in 1 2/3 innings. That start came 13 days after he started feeling soreness in his arm.


5:38 PM CT

Only 22 minutes until meatloaf is served in the press box as the meal of the day. Now I'm not one to complain about free food (or free anything for that matter), but I have never been a big fan of meat loaf. We'll see what happens.

Clemson leads Fullerton 4-3 heading into the bottom of the fourth inning. Andy D'Alessio leads the Tigers with 23 home runs--one off the national lead--and bats sixth. Must be nice.

As the designated home team, Miami is expected to wear their white jerseys again tonight. The all-white look is sharp, but the orange jerseys are my favorite.

I am excited to see how Carlos pitches tonight. He has extremely disappointed when he found out that he was supposed to have Tommy John surgery. Not only would he have missed the rest of the '06 season, but also the '07 year. Luckily he won't have to have Tommy John. Instead he will have a minor surgery and is expected to be back this fall.

Another player I'm curious to see perform tonight is Jon Jay. Valencia had a tough night as well, but as the team's best hitter Jay will need to come up big tonight if the 'Canes want to stay alive here at the CWS.


7:24 PM CT

The Canes game tonight will start 50 minutes after the conclusion of the Fullerton/Clemson game, which is currently tied 6-6 in the top of the eighth inning.

Here is the starting lineup for Miami:

1. Jemile Weeks, 2B
2. Tommy Giles, RF
3. Jon Jay, CF
4. Danny Valencia, 3B
5. Dennis Raben, DH
6. Yonder Alonso, 1B
7. Roger Tomas, SS
8. Eddy Rodriguez, C
9. Blake Tekotte, LF


8:15 PM CT

Congrats to Cal-State Fullerton on their 7-6 victory over Clemson eliminating the Tigers from the CWS.

Wes Roemer, the Player of the Year in college baseball by a number of publications, got the last two outs for the Titans to set-up a Fullerton/North Carolina matchup tomorrow.

The game lasted 4 hours and 5 minutes--the third longest 9-inning game in CWS history.

David Cooper, a freshman, delivered the game-winning hit and was 5-for-5 in the game.

Hopefully Miami's stellar freshmen come through in similar fashion.

Miami's announced start time is 9:05 PM CT.

Enjoy the game and I will have one more entry following the game.


11:58 PM CT

They put together a great ride and unless they score a bunch of runs in the bottom of the ninth, their ride will come to an end.

Carlos Gutierrez just couldn't give the team the lift they needed and the bats didn't help much either.

I'm curious to hear Morris' thoughts after the game in the post-game press conference. I wonder if he will second guess his decision to start Gutierrez, who hasn't pitched in over a month, or would it have mattered much? Hard to say, but either way the 2006 'Canes fought through advertsity and youth to end up where a number of teams dream of.

I enjoyed bringing you the reader with articles from here at the College World Series. Hopefully I'll be here next year.

Go Canes!


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